Case Results



  1. Noah represented a gentleman charged in Newport News with false statement on a Firearm Form. The Commonwealth was unable to get witness necessary to make identification. Having been granted one prior continuance, the Commonwealth again moved to continue the matter to secure the witnesses appearance. Noah objected to the continuance, and forced the Commonwealth to nolle prosequi the charge.

  2. Noah represented a CNU student charged with Public Intoxication, and Underage Possession of Alcohol. After negotiations with the law enforcement officer, and arguments to the Court, Noah was able to get the charge resolved in clients favor such that it will be expungeable.

  3. Noah represented a gentleman charged with Drunk in Public in Hampton, VA. After explaining to the Officer that our client’s ability to obtain security clearance was pivotal to his job, and further presenting that he had no prior criminal record, the Officer agreed for the Court to dismiss the matter with a warning. The charge is fully expungeable from his record.

  4. Noah represented a woman charged with Driving under Influence of Alcohol and Refusal. The Commonwealth agreed to allow the client to avoid any active period of incarceration. The Commonwealth also agreed to drop the Refusal charge and allow the client to have a restricted driver's license.

  5. Noah represented an individual charged in Hampton Circuit Court with one count strangulation. When client came to Noah he had pled not guilty in the District Court to domestic Assault. Said Assault and Battery allegations were arose out of the same incidents as the strangulation charge. Noah arranged for client to appeal the A&B and have it to be heard with the strangulation charge. After the Commonwealth was unable to secure her witnesses for trial, and it light of Noah’s objection to further continue the case, the Court granted the Commonwealth’s motion to drop all charges.

  6. Noah represented client in York County charged with domestic Assault of his Wife. His wife who has significant mental health issues to include problems with her memory claimed that he had battered her. After pleading not guilty trying the matter before Court, the Court found defendant had successfully proven any contact by him was in the nature of self-defense. The Court dismissed the charge against defendant and it is eligible for engagement.

  7. Noah represented a registered sex offender in a Motion to Revoke his 30 year suspended sentence, which was based upon molesting his step-daughter. Primary basis for the violation was viewing pornography. After presentation of evidence, arguments to include that of notified sex offender treatment provider and psychologist, the Court revoked and re-suspended prior sentence.

  8. Noah represented a client charged in Hampton with Driving under the Influence of Alcohol and Reckless Driving with a heightened BAC. Client had unfortunately been involved in an accident, and severely failed his field sobriety tests. Noah was able to convince the Commonwealth, and the Court to afford him a minimum sentence allowed under law in the DUI and dismissed the Reckless Driving, and allow him to serve his sentence on weekends, and with a delayed reporting.

  9. Noah has the following case result: Noah represented individual in Newport News charged with Poss Marijuana. Officer had found client sleeping on the side of the road in his vehicle, had seen suspected scattered Marijuana leaves and residue in car. After searching and performing a field test, client was charged. Noah filed a Motion for Chemical Testing. In the absence of the lab, and upon consideration of other matters the officer agreed to dismiss the charge against client.

  10. Noah represented a local police officer charged with domestic assault. After engaging in the discovery process, discussing with the Commonwealth the various issues and problems with them proving the case, the Commonwealth agreed to nolle prosequi the charge, resulting in an expungeable event for the client.

  11. Noah represented a man charged with domestic assault in Newport News. It was after pleading not guilty, presentation of evidence, and arguing the witness had not only been thoroughly impeached but had committed perjury on the stand, the Court acquitted the client and dismissed the charge.

  12. Noah represented a client charged with DUI in Hampton, VA. Police had made contact with client while he was parked in a Burger King parking lot with the vehicle running and both airbags deployed. Client failed field sobriety test that he would take and further refused to submit to a breath test. Noah was able to resolve the case with the client not having a period of incarceration, or any additional charges for hit and run, or refusal.

  13. Noah represented a client in Portsmouth charged with Possession of a Firearm after having a prior conviction for a violent felony, carrying a potential mandatory minimum sentence of five (5) years incarceration , and two (2) counts of brandishing , After pleading not guilty, attacking the credibility of the complainants in the matter as well as the fundamental strength of the Commonwealth's evidence, the Court granted Noah's Motion to Strike, and dismissed all charges.

  14. Noah represented a client in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia charged with 4 counts access with intent to view child pornography. Client was facing a maximum of 80 years' incarceration if convicted of all counts. Despite client's confession, Government agreed to drop 3 counts in exchange for a guilty plea to 1 count. Client sentenced to 21 months below the low end of the sentencing guidelines despite the U.S. Attorney's request.

  15. Noah represented a client charged with Felony Embezzlement in Williamsburg, After presentation of evidence and mitigation to the Commonwealth and the Court, the Court agreed to reduce the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor and afford the client a completely suspended sentence.

  16. Client charged in Federal Court with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Consuming Alcohol while operating a motor vehicle, following too close, operating an unregistered vehicle, and failure to appear in Court. After per agreement with the Government, client pled guilty and was found guilty to DUI, remaining charges were dismissed. After arguments to the Court, client had an explanation for his failure to appear, and further in light of the totality of the circumstances regarding Under the Influence, the Court only sentenced client to less than one day incarceration.

  17. Newport News client charged with one (1) count Aggravated Sexual Battery, and (2) counts of Indecent Liberties. Noah negotiated an agreement whereby the Commonwealth agreed to drop one (1) count of Indecent Liberties, and capped the maximum sentence of three (3) years, six (6) months. After arguments of counsel, and presentation of evidence the Court sentenced client to two (2) years , six (6) months . It should be noted that the client faced the potential of life in prison.

  18. Noah represented: Juvenile charged in Hampton Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court with disorderly conduct and Assault & Battery. The charge will be dismissed after one year with no adjudication of delinquency provided client completes community service and other terms and conditions.

  19. Federal Court, Eastern District of Virginia: Client charged with possession of marijuana. Court ordered charge eligible for dismissal under 18 U.S.C. 3607.

  20. Newport News General District Court: Client charged with DUI. Client plead not guilty. After demonstrating officer was testifying untruthfully, as shown by video of arrest, charge dismissed.

  21. Newport News client charged with 2 counts of Felony Aid and Abet a straw purchase of a firearm, case resolved under a plea agreement with a completely suspended sentence for 2 counts of obstruction of justice.

  22. Client charged with domestic assault and interfering with 911 call in Newport News. Client pled not guilty and after trial, found not guilty.

  23. Client charged with malicious wounding and child neglect. Commonwealth agreed to reduce to assault and battery and misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

  24. Noah represented a client charged with Felony Malicious Wounding and Felony Child Abuse. Charges reduced to Assault and Battery and Misdemeanor Contributing, and will be dismissed after compliance with various terms and conditions.

  25. Noah represented juvenile charged with distribution of mushrooms in York County. Result: Reduced to simple possession of marijuana with 30 day suspended sentence.

  26. Army Sgt. charged with two counts burglary and once count petit larceny in Gloucester, which if convicted may have resulted in an end to an approximate 10-year military career. After a contentious preliminary hearing, the Commonwealth agreed to reduce the burglary charges to misdemeanor and drop the petit larceny.

  27. Noah represented an individual charged with Grand Larceny. After securing copies of video surveillance, Noah convinced the Commonwealth to dismiss the charge against client, with prejudice despite client's numerous prior larceny offenses. The dismissal merely required defendant to pay relatively minor amount of restitution. All of this was resolved in the General District Court.

  28. Noah represented individual in Newport News charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, Brandishing a Firearm, and Reckless Handling of a Firearm. Pursuant to an agreement reached with the Commonwealth, the charge of Possession of a Firearm by Felon was dropped, and reckless handling of a firearm was also dropped; client pursuant to the agreement pled guilty brandishing a firearm and received a completely suspended sentence.

  29. Client charged with two counts of Destruction of Property and two counts of unlawful entry. After discussions with the Commonwealth, all charges were dropped upon payment of restitution and completion of community service hours.

  30. Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, represented a college student charged with underage possession of alcohol in Newport News. After negotiations with the Commonwealth and presentation to the Commonwealth of proof of good character, alcohol treatment and other facts, the Commonwealth agreed to drop the charge and allow our client to pursue expungement of the charge from his criminal record.

  31. Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, represented a Captain in the U.S. Army who was charged with obstruction of justice in Newport News. After producing evidence of innocence directly to the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth moved to dismiss the charges against the Captain, thus allowing her to pursue expungement of the charge.

  32. Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, represented a young man charged with Aggravated Malicious Wounding in York County. The Commonwealth agreed to reduce the charge to Assault and Battery after a term of good behavior and satisfaction of other terms and conditions.
  33. Client charged with two counts of Assault and Battery and one count brandishing a firearm. Noah convinced the Commonwealth there was insufficient evidence for the firearm charge, which was dropped. Further, after pleading not guilty, and Noah arguing credibility, client was acquitted of both assault and battery charges.
  34. Client charged with federal firearm violation. Noah convinced U.S. attorney that the BB gun was not a firearm contemplated by the Code. U.S. Attorney agreed to drop charges against client.
  35. Client charged multiple counts of Breaking and Entering, Grand Larceny. On presentation of evidence and evidence in mitigation to the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth agreed to reduce all felonies to misdemeanor petit larceny and unlawful entry allowing client to do community service, restitution and not be found guilty of a felony.
  36. Noah represented a military member with domestic assault charges, stemming from a BDSM relationship. Noah convinced prosecutor the relationship was consensual; Commonwealth agreed to drop all charges.
  37. Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC represented client who was charged with underage alcohol possession, criminal trespass, drunk in public and resisting arrest. After an agreement was reached with the Commonwealth, the client pled guilty to underage possession of alcohol and trespass and the Court deferred the disposition until a later date. Should the client follow the conditions of his deferred disposition all charges will be dismissed.
  38. Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC represented client who was charged with fleeing the scene of an accident, reckless driving and driving under a suspended license. In the General District Court the client was found not guilty of fleeing the scene of an accident and not guilty of driving under a suspended license. On appeal in the Circuit Court the reckless driving was reduced down to the traffic infraction of speeding.
  39. Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC represented client that was charged with an assault and battery and those charges were nolle prosequi.
  40. Client charged with Domestic Assault. Appeared to be classic case of mother attempting to manipulate the criminal system using the criminal charge to gain leverage in a custody dispute. Father pled not guilty. Case tried and father found not guilty.
  41. Juvenile charged with Destruction of Property, Assault. Case tried. Pled not guilty. Found not guilty.
  42. Client was charged with Rape, Robbery and Malicious Wounding. Commonwealth's best offer was to plead guilty to malicious wounding with over two-year sentence. After three-day jury trial. Client was acquitted of Rape and Robbery. He was released on time served for assault and battery.
  43. Client charged with Distribution of Cocaine. Plead not guilty. Judge found that there was insufficient evidence to show that client possessed drugs found in vehicle and acquitted client of charge.
  44. Client charged with Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Cocaine. Plead not guilty. Court granted Motion to Suppress evidence due to improper search of client. Client found not guilty on possession of marijuana and no probable cause of possession of cocaine.
  45. Client charged with Domestic Assault. Commonwealth's Attorney offered first offender, where charge would be dismissed if client completed anger management, paid cost of court and remained of good behavior (no law violations) for two years. Client had security clearance and could not have charge pending for two years. Client pled not guilty and was found not guilty.
  46. Fishermen charged with numerous over-limit offenses. Pled not guilty. Found not guilty on all charges.
  47. Fishermen charged with failing to report catches. Pled not guilty. All charges dismissed. The VMRC had charged them with not reporting catches which the VMRC had seized! All charges dismissed.
  48. Client had a bad day, receiving charges for Possession of Marijuana and reckless driving in two different jurisdictions within 24 hrs. Result: Client found guilty of speeding, and the charge of Possession of Marijuana was dismissed without implications on client's license, and without any active period of probation. Further, said marijuana charge was eligible for expungement as not completed under first-offender statute.
  49. Client on Peninsula charged with distribution of spice. After arguing problems with statute and other issues with case, Noah convinced Commonwealth to drop charges and cooperate in their expungement after client completed community service and remained of good behavior.
  50. York County client originally charged with Robbery, Abduction, Assault and Battery, Maliciously interfering with Telephone line. Pursuant to a plea agreement, the client was found guilty of three misdemeanors and sentenced to time served.
  51. Client charged with Grand Larceny in Yorktown, pursuant to an agreement reached with the Commonwealth, after completion of community service hours and various other terms, client will be found guilty of the charge of trespass and have no larceny convictions on her record.

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Criminal Traffic:

  1. Noah represented an individual charged in York County with Reckless Driving, Driving under Revoked/suspended license and Possession of Marijuana. After negotiations with the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth agreed to allow client to plead guilty to Possession of Marijuana with a completely suspended sentence and no probation.
  2. Noah represented a Newport News client charged with DUI, Reckless Driving, 96/60 . After negotiations with the Commonwealth, Noah was able to keep the client out of jail and plead guilty only to the DUI while dropping the Reckless Driving charge and Defective equipment charge.
  3. Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, represented U.S. Air Force reservist charged with reckless driving, 84 mile per hour in a 60 mph zone. After pleading not guilty and presenting evidence in mitigation, the court reduced the charge to speeding, a noncriminal offense, and took no action on our client's license.
  4. Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, represented a client charged with reckless driving for driving 72 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour speed zone. The client faced a class 1 misdemeanor conviction with the possibility of a 12-month jail sentence and six-month license suspension. However, after a careful presentation to the court and arguments by counsel, we were able to convince the judge to reduce the criminal charge to the lesser traffic infraction of speeding. The client received a fine instead of a criminal record.
  5. Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, represented a client in a show cause proceeding. The client faced revocation of a 12-month suspended sentence from an older second DUI conviction. Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, did not provide representation for the underlying conviction, but through a thorough presentation of mitigating evidence and arguments to the court, we were able to persuade the judge to re-suspend the entire sentence. The client was ordered to complete community service but did not have to step a foot back in a jail cell.
  6. Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC represented client who was charged with driving under a suspended license and a failure to appear for a court date. The driving under the suspended license charge was nolle prosequi and the failure to appear was dismissed after presentation of evidence.
  7. Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC represented client that was charged with driving for racing. After our presentation of evidence and arguments by counsel the charge was reduced down to an improper driving, a lesser traffic infraction.
  8. Client charged with DUI second offense within 10 years, facing a mandatory period of incarceration. The documents showing prior convictions were flawed. Charge was reduced to first offense with no mandatory jail sentence.
  9. Client charged with DUI, Refusal and Reckless Driving. Plead not guilty. Found not guilty. The Commonwealth lacked evidence of intoxicated driving and further failed to show that Intoxilyzer was working properly.
  10. Client charged with Reckless Driving and running a red light. She had unfortunately struck an off-duty law enforcement officer. Pled not guilty. Found not guilty by the judge.

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  1. Client's husband abandoned client and two young children and fled to South America. Result: Wife divorced, husband solely responsible for all debt associated with marriage (including numerous rental houses that were foreclosed upon). Wife awarded 100 percent of her retirement, zero of the debt and permanent spousal support. Husband awarded all of the marital debt (over $100,000) and required to pay all of wife's attorney's fees.
  2. Noah represented husband in long-term marriage (over 20 years); after over 12 months of coordinated surveillance, wife agreed to walk away from any further award of spousal support.
  3. Noah represented mother in divorce that included domestic violence. Mother awarded sole custody of children, and the majority of the marital estate, to include the marital home.
  4. In a case where husband had committed adultery in a long-term marriage, Amy convinced court to award wife significantly more than 50 percent of the marital estate then, as well as an indefinite award of spousal support.
  5. In spite of a husband's claims of disability and unemployment, Amy secured a wife an indefinite award of spousal support, by arguing that the court should treat the husband as though he should be earning income at his previous levels.

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  1. Clients were a juvenile who had been raped and impregnated and her mother. Client temporarily placed child with friends while recovered and went through criminal process. Less than two years later, the friends tried to force an adoption over her objection. Noah stopped the adoption and regained sole custody of the child with her mother and grandmother.
  2. Client was a stepfather to a young child whose father had no contact with child since almost birth. Noah argued successfully that the father had abandoned the child, without cause, and it was in her best interest to be adopted by the stepfather. The court agreed and mother and now father (not step) are one happy family.
  3. Amy helped a stepfather adopt a minor child where the biological father had not been involved in the child's life since birth.

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Personal Injury:

  1. Bus collision: Client was riding in a bus when it was struck by dump truck as bus was making an illegal U-turn. Client suffered cuts and bruises and was subsequently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Filed suit against both bus company and dump truck company. Recovered sums from both companies by settlement. Amount is confidential.
  2. Client driving during snow storm. Another vehicle lost control and ran into client while turning right at intersection. Client suffered concussion and persistent headaches. Officer ticketed both parties. We successfully defended client against traffic ticket and then sued and won a substantial recovery against driver.
  3. Client crossing street when struck by man talking on cellphone while driving. Client suffered brain injury. Insurance company denied liability. We filed suit and case settled for substantial sums (amount confidential).
  4. Client passenger in vehicle, when driver accelerated at high rate of speed for no apparent reason. Vehicle flipped and ejected client from vehicle. Driver panicked and ran over client, cracking his pelvis. Case settled for large sum (amount confidential).

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Custody, Visitation And Child Support:

  1. Noah successfully won father shared physical custody of his son. This was after fighting and wining for the father in both in the JDR and Circuit Court.
  2. After mother relocated out of state, without giving appropriate legal notice to father or the court, Noah prevailed in getting primary physical custody transferred to father both on an expedited and permanent basis. Further, mother was found in contempt and sentenced to a suspended period of incarceration.
  3. Noah represented father seeking custody of his child after being discharged from the Navy due to disability. Mother also requested spousal support and child support. Court awarded father primary custody of the minor child and denied mother's request for spousal support.
  4. After presenting evidence and testimony, to include that of children's counselor, Amy won sole legal and physical custody of minor children to father, with mother having visitation at father's discretion.
  5. Noah convinced court to transfer custody of minor children to father after it was shown mother was enabling criminal behavior of minor child.
  6. Amy successfully argued for shared physical custody for father after mother had been primary physical custodian for five years.
  7. Amy fought and won custody for a stepparent of his two stepdaughters who were estranged from their biological father.

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