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How are modifications and appeals different in child custody?

Child custody matters can oftentimes turn into contentious court battles. When a child custody case is determined in a manner in you don't feel is correct, you might decide that you are going to explore your options for getting the matter corrected.

Child custody orders can help to provide stability for a child

Child custody matters vary greatly based on the circumstances of the parents' relationship. These matters can be handled in mature ways, but sometimes contention makes the situation tense. No matter what kind of child custody case you are facing, you have to make it a point to keep your focus on your children.

How to buffer children from rough custody battles

Most parents who are dealing with divorce do know that the children aren't a part of what is being torn down during the process. Though it's not true in every case, often, both parents want to continue having a relationship with their children. At the same time, emotions can run high, and it's easy to slip into behaviors that put the kids in the middle of the battle.

Child custody matters can be affected by the time of year

Back to school season is almost here. That means that students will be heading back into the classrooms. For some students, their parents divorcing is making it difficult for them to know exactly where they will have to go to school. We know that you truly want what is best for your child. Thinking about how child custody matters affect your child's school options is one point that is especially important if you are filing for divorce during the back to school season.

Child custody modifications are sometimes necessary

Remember what it was like when you were going through the process of coming to an agreement with your ex about child custody matters? If you are like most, you probably remember a stressful situation. You probably don't want to have to go through that again; however, if you find that the child custody agreement isn't working for your child any longer, you might have to go back to the drawing board.

Sole custody and what it means for your child

As a parent, one of the things you're most worried about during a divorce is your right to child custody. You may be in a negative relationship with your spouse, and you may want to seek sole custody for the protection of your child. How does sole custody work, though, and will it really help your situation?

Making virtual visitation a part of your schedule

It used to be the norm for noncustodial parents to only get a few hours one night a week and every other weekend with their children. That's been changing in recent years as the push toward shared parenting and a more equitable visitation schedule has taken place. However, some parents may not be able to take full advantage of more generous visitation schedules because they live too far from the custodial parent or are often gone on business trips. Virtual visitation may be an option worth considering in these cases.

Man who assisted in parental kidnapping case sent to prison

If you and the other parent of your child have a dispute about the visitation or custody rights you share, the normal way to handle this issue is to talk to your attorney and to discuss changes or how you can have a court intervene. What's not acceptable is simply fleeing with your child; doing so constitutes parental kidnapping, and it can result in serious damage to your relationships.

You can seek custody for a minor in your family

There are times when a child will have relationships with adults outside their parents. For instance, a child's grandparents, aunts, uncles, and stepparents may all be important in his or her life. Any time something happens to a parent, these other parties may need to step in to help or to take care of the child. That's when visitation and nonparent custody rights may come into question.

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