Medical Malpractice Case Results

DISCLAIMER: Please note that every case is different and these verdicts and settlements, while accurate, do not represent what we may obtain for you in your case.

Military Dependant Woman with Hemorrhoidectomy

A botched hemorrhoidectomy at Fort Eustis Army hospital resulted in a very high six figure settlement under the FEDERAL TORTS CLAIMS ACT for Michael Weisberg's military dependent. The surgeon was no longer permitted to perform surgery for the Army as a result of his malpractice in this case.

Brain Injury Settlement

Chesapeake General Hospital's post surgical failure to properly oxygenate Michael Weisberg's mature client, who was from the eastern shore of Virginia, resulted in mild brain damage and a substantial settlement just prior to trial. The hospital had denied the failure and claimed charitable immunity.

IUD Installation

Inadvertent penetration of the uterine wall during the installation of an IUD by a gynecologist's nurse practitioner resulted in a five figure recovery by Michael Weisberg's client during trial. Prior thereto no offer had been made.

Missed Broken Bone

A missed broken bone by a radiologist resulted in a settlement for Michael Weisberg's Eastern Shore client. No offer had been made prior to suit. Extensive discovery procedures resulted in the physician radiologist's admission of the missed diagnosis.

Insufficient Monitoring

Insufficient monitoring resulted in the loss of our client's wife who contracted aplastic anemia when she was prescribed oxyphenbutazone for costochondritis (nonspecific chest pain). Michael Weisberg settled the case, after considerable discovery in and out-of-state, for the entire amount of available insurance coverage together with a substantial payment from the doctor's personal wealth.