Personal Injury and Automobile Accidents

DISCLAIMER: Please note that every case is different and these verdicts and settlements, while accurate, do not represent what we may obtain for you in your case.

Brain Injury in an Automobile Accident

Michael Weisberg represented a California client who had sustained a serious brain injury in Northern Virginia. A wooden bed liner broke in two and blew out of an El Camino causing our client to swerve partially off of the highway and momentarily lose control of her vehicle. The driver of the El Camino pulled off the highway; our client sustained a brain injury when her driver's side window contacted the rear corner of the defendant's vehicle. The case was settled for all available insurance coverage on the fourth day of trial. The matter was referred to our firm by a California lawyer who was told there was only $25,000 worth of coverage which was not being offered because of liability issues. Michael Weisberg, through extensive depositions and other discovery procedures, was able to prove that the bed liner had been cracked in previous usage. He also determined the availability of substantial additional coverage, which enabled him to utilize the driver's coverage of $25,000, the vehicle owner's coverage of $100,000, and the driver's mother's coverage of $200,000 (the driver lived with his mother). Final negotiations were held while the matter was about to be sent to the jury. The court recessed for the purpose of permitting counsel to contact the California Worker's Compensation carrier in order to get them to waive their liens, past and future.

Lowboy Truck Accident

Michael Weisberg represented a young man who was the driver of an auto in an accident with a lowboy truck. The accident occurred in Florida. The young man had broken bones as well as a minor brain injury. The case was settled during mandatory mediation prior to trial for $1,000,000 (one million).

Eye Injury in an Automobile Accident

A permanent eye injury, including a retinal tear, was suffered by our client in a multiple vehicle collision. The driver of one of the defendants was a foreign national who refused to participate in discovery and to come to trial. A jury verdict in excess of the available insurance coverage was obtained by Michael Weisberg in the Circuit Court of the city of Suffolk, Virginia.

Individual hit by Perdue Tractor Trailer

A substantial settlement was achieved by Michael Weisberg for his client who was a passenger in a vehicle that ended up underneath a tractor trailer owned and driven on behalf of Perdue. Suit was filed and the matter was transferred to Federal District Court. Settlement was achieved in a conference before the United States magistrate.

Southampton County Automobile Accident

The highest, non-medical malpractice personal injury verdict in Southampton County Virginia (at the time) was awarded to Michael Weisberg upon his representation of a woman who suffered a disc injury that had been misdiagnosed by her physician as relating to pre-existing female problems. Mr. Weisberg was able to convince the treating physician to admit his mistake and to testify thereto by way of video depositions. Prior to trial the insurance company had made a minimal offer. During trial the insurance company raised its offer to $75,000, which was rejected. The jury came back with $175,000.

Parasailing Injury Settlement

Michael Weisberg represented a mature woman, a tourist from New Jersey, who was involved in a parasailing accident caused by the failure of a cable. Shortly before the scheduled trial in Virginia Beach, Michael Weisberg pointed out to defense counsel that they had misidentified the client in the video shots taken during the rescue, resulting in a substantial settlement.

Replacement Disk Surgery Required

Our client was involved in a substantial automobile accident which required replacement disc (Charite) surgery. Defense counsel hired a physician expert in pain management who testified during trial that the surgery was unnecessary. Michael Weisberg was able to show that the defendant expert had a vested financial interest in the outcome. The jury awarded an amount equal to substantially all of the available insurance coverage.

Bicyclist Hit by Car

Michael Weisberg represented a bicyclist who was hit by a car in Suffolk, Virginia. There was minimal ($25,000) coverage available on the car. Our client had a policy that provided another $25,000 in underinsured coverage. Michael Weisberg was able to engage another $25,000 policy which became available on a separate policy issued to our client's daughter, who lived in the household. The case was settled for all available insurance coverage after the filing of suit.

Wife and Daughter Killed in Drunk Driving Accident

Substantial settlements were obtained by Michael Weisberg for his preacher client whose wife and adult daughter were killed in a drunken driving accident. Settlement was not attained until a wrongful death suit was filed in Portsmouth Circuit Court.

Slip and Fall in Church Building

A slip and fall on carpeted stairs inside a church building resulted in a substantial settlement when Michael Weisberg sued the church and demonstrated that the stair treads were inadequate.

Slip and Fall in Grocery Store

A slip and fall in a Norfolk, Virginia grocery store resulted in a substantial settlement for Michael Weisberg's already disabled client just prior to the commencement of trial. The matter was complicated by the woman's estranged son, who tried to sabotage her case.

Settlement for boating accident

$150,000 settlement in boating accident achieved through mediation.

Young Girl Attacked by Two Dogs

Michael Weisberg represented a five-year-old girl who was viciously attacked by two Rottweiler dogs. Attorney Weisberg settled the case with the owner's homeowner's insurance company for the maximum amount available. He was also able to persuade the medical care providers to reduce the amount of their liens.

Settlement for client in six car pile up in Virginia Beach

Five figure settlement obtained for a pick-up truck driver involved in a six car pile up on Witchduck Road in Virginia Beach, despite the client's serious pre-existing injuries; and finger pointing by each of the other drivers concerning the cause of the accident. Settlement was only obtained just prior to trial.

Settlement for client involved in an automobile accident in Isle of Wight County

Five figure settlement, including all of available insurance, when client struck the defendant who ran a stop sign at the intersection of Route 620 and 1210 in Isle of Wight County. After settlement, Michael Weisberg, at no extra charge, was able to negotiate with the health care providers to reduce the amount of their claims against the proceeds; thereby, making more money available to the client.

Settlement for four vehicle accident in Portsmouth

Five figure settlement in four vehicle accident on Cavalier Boulevard at McLean Street in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Settlement for automobile accident in Norfolk

Five figure settlement in the intersection accident at Llwellen and Shirley Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia.

Settlement in Portsmouth tunnel accident

$77,500 settlement in Portsmouth tunnel rear-end collision.

Settlement for boating accident

$150,000 settlement in boating accident achieved through mediation.

Settlement for infant pedestrian's accidental death

Five figure settlement achieved in two-year-old infant pedestrian's accidental death case. Despite inadequate insurance coverage, Michael Weisberg was able to double the recovery by utilizing all of the car driver's insurance together with all of the underinsurance coverage which was made available under the omnibus clause of the aunt's insurance company.

Bus Passenger Suffers Fibromyalgia from Crash

Type of Action: Personal Injury-auto accident
Injuries alleged: Fibromyalgia
Court: Chesapeake Circuit Court
Date: May 12, 2011
Verdict or Settlement: Settlement
Amount: $180,000

On June 5, 2006, plaintiff, a 28-year-old unemployed mother of three young children, was the sole passenger on a bus which was twice struck in the same accident by a truck carrying liquids. At a hospital emergency room, plaintiff complained of bilateral knee pain, right arm, left leg and right hip pain. X-rays of her left shoulder, left humerus and lumbar spine showed no fractures or dislocations. Height of vertebral bodies and disk paces were all normal.

She was treated and released with minor contusions, abrasions and lacerations. Over the course of the next several days, plaintiff developed lower and upper back pain along with headache, left neck pain and pain across her shoulder blades. Plaintiff was diagnosed with fibromyalgia allegedly caused by the accident.

She continued treatment over the course of the next two-plus years with orthopedics, chiropractics, physical therapy, pain management and neurology. She underwent a course of L5/S1 interlaminar epidural steroid injections and facet joint blocks all with limited and short term relief. Numerous MRIs and other diagnostics were performed, all of which were essentially negative. Her medical bills totaled $54,974.

Awarded: $180,000