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November 2014 Archives

Child support obligations and Virginia district courts

The government generally does not interfere with the rights of Newport News City, Virginia, parents to raise children as they see fit. However, the government will step in when parents do not fulfill duties toward children, like protecting them from harm. Child support is a parental responsibility.

What is domestic violence?

Individuals in Virginia and other areas probably think they would know immediately if they were ever in a domestic violence situation. The truth is, however, that many individuals in such situations don't recognize that abuse is occurring, or they don't recognize it until it has become an even more serious issue. Understanding whether you might be a victim of domestic violence and seeking outside help with the situation is a first step toward a better future.

Virginia high school students admit sharing nude teen images

Members of the Virginia State Crime Commission are trying to determine whether teen sexting should be categorized as something other than child pornography. The pressure to sext is a reality for many teens. Juveniles who engage in sexting may be unaware of the severe penalties attached to violations of child exploitation laws.

What is family law?

Family law is a specialty branch in the legal field that involves dealing with issues that are related to domestic relationships or families. In many states, including Virginia, some family law matters are handled by specific courts and judges. One reason family law is separated is to clear other court dockets, but it is also beneficial to families to have courts that are experienced in needs related to things such as custody or divorce.

Term for Virginia teacher exceeded drug charge guidelines

Along with safeguarding a person's civil rights, criminal defense attorneys make sure defendants understand charges, immediate and possible consequences and legal challenges. This wall of protection doesn't go up until an attorney is contacted. Unfortunately, by that time, some defendants have incriminated themselves or missed opportunities for charge dismissals or reductions.

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