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What are the penalties for driving under the influence?

If you're accused of driving under the influence, you're at risk of being found guilty of and being convicted of that charge. You can work with your attorney to fight back against the charges, which will help you keep your reputation clean while you make your case.

When you're accused of a DUI, you could be facing jail, fines, losing your license, or other penalties. One of the most common penalties is the use of an ignition interlock device. This device allows you to blow into it, so it can test your breath for alcohol content. If your breath contains alcohol, it must be below a certain percentage before you'll be able to get in your car and drive. This device is sometimes used in place of revoking or suspending a person's license.

Another thing to consider that could be used in place of a license revocation is an alcohol or drug treatment program. Sometimes, you'll need to complete a rehabilitation program before you're able to get your license back, or you could be able to keep your license if you use an ignition interlock device and attend a rehabilitation clinic or program. These programs provide education and medical assistance to help prevent further run-ins with the law over the use of alcohol or drugs before you drive.

If you're facing a habitual offender charge, then you could be facing a felony conviction. This is incredibly serious and could lead to you losing your civil rights, like being able to vote or own a gun or other kinds of weapons. The penalties can be harsher and should be discussed before you decide how to move on with your case.

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