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Sharing medications: One way to get into trouble with the law

Your friend has been in pain, and you have some prescription-strength medications you want to share with him. You know that they're prescribed to you, but you also realize that your friend could get a similar prescription for pain if he went to the doctor. Giving him yours isn't a big deal, right?

Virginia's drug courts handle cocaine cases

Virginia has specific laws pertaining to the use and distribution of cocaine, a Schedule II drug. This illegal drug may not be purchased or distributed in the state. If you possess it, you can face up to a year in jail and a financial penalty of $2,500. If you sell it, the penalty could include a sentence as long as life in prison.

Officer suffers opiate overdose after drug bust in Virginia

There are many dangerous drugs on the streets today, and being caught with any of them can get you into deep trouble with the law. One of the opiates that is particularly dangerous is fentanyl. You don't have to ingest this drug for it to take effect, which means that even coming into contact with a small amount without your knowledge could result in an overdose.

Why does it matter what schedule a drug is?

A controlled substance is any Schedule I through Schedule VI drug as listed in the Virginia Drug Control Act. Possessing these substances can lead to a criminal charge. If you are accused of possessing drugs, it's a good idea to build a defense immediately to protect your reputation and rights.

35 people indicted on drug charges in Washington County

A drug bust has the potential to capture many people participating in crimes, but there's also the possibility of arresting those who are innocent of any wrongdoing. For instance, if you're simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, you may be shocked when you're arrested for participating in a drug crime you never committed.

71 people to face charges following drug bust in Virginia

When a large drug bust takes place, it's possible that those who didn't even know neighbors or friends were involved with drugs could be accused and have charges placed against them. Sometimes, being in the wrong place at the wrong time is all it takes for individuals to face an uncertain future.

Man arrested with 11 pounds of marijuana in vehicle

Everyone makes mistakes, and when you're facing drug charges, it's important for you to get to speak clearly about what happened without having to face a bias. The police may not understand why you were in possession of drugs or know the story behind your arrest, so it's important that the courts hear everything you have to say.

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