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Man gets 2 years for participation in prostitution ring

Sex crimes come in a number of forms, but in all cases, they're prosecutable. Whether you're accused of being involved in a child pornography ring or of assaulting another person, it's important that you have the right defense to protect your rights. It's easy for your reputation to be damaged before the truth comes out, even if you are cleared of any wrongdoing later.

Virginia lawmakers expand sex-offender legislation

As someone facing a sex offender charge, it's important that you understand how you could be affected by the law in ways other than a prison sentence or fines. If you're convicted, you'll be placed on a sex-offender registry, which affects the places you can work or go. It affects the activities you can participate in as well.

This is how you defend yourself in court

If you're arrested and charged for a criminal act, you may be worried about how it will affect you in the future. Even an arrest has the possibility of impacting you, even though you have yet to be convicted.Your reputation could be damaged, or you may miss work or be put on probation. You might not be able to participate in social activities or could face backlash from your community. Fortunately, your attorney can help you fight back against unfair charges and arrests, so you can keep your reputation as clean as possible.

Virginia man accused in 15-year-old sex crime

When you work at a church and are near children or even young adults, you must be particularly careful about how to talk to and address them. It's easy for younger people to make false allegations and be believed. It's important to work with another person who can witness how you interact and to be considerate of your choices. If you are charged with a crime, then you'll potentially have a witness and be able to support your defense.

Some sex-related cases are difficult to defend

We recently discussed the case of the man who entered an Alford Plea in a case involving child sexual abuse. This case was a hard one to read about. Cases that involve children tug at the heart strings, which can make it difficult for juries to remain partial when they hear the case. We know that this might not be news you want to hear, but we know that realistic expectations are very important in criminal cases.

Man files Alford Plea in child sexual abuse case

When you're accused of a crime such as child sexual abuse, it's imperative that you take steps to protect yourself. This allegation against you, even if it's proven to be false, can affect all aspects of your life from your social interactions to your ability to continue going to work.

How serious is an indecent exposure charge?

If you are facing a criminal charge of indecent exposure, the seriousness of the consequences should you be convicted depends on a range of mitigating factors. First, the laws of the state have a lot to do with how these charges are treated and whether you can be successfully charged in the first place. Understanding state law is critical when you are facing any type of criminal allegations, which is why a professional criminal defense lawyer is a good person to have on your side.

What should you do if you're accused of a crime?

If you're falsely accused of a crime, you can defend yourself and take steps to make sure you aren't found guilty for a crime you didn't commit. Initially, you might have been taken by surprise when a police officer arrived to talk to you. Know that you have no legal obligation to speak to the officer or to say anything that could incriminate you; you have a right to an attorney to discuss the sex crime allegations or other accusations against you. Not talking doesn't make you look guilty, it simply means you know your rights.

Woman sentenced after indecent liberties plea

Being accused of sex crimes is serious business; you could lose your job, have accusations affect your family and friends and have trouble in other aspects of your life. If you didn't commit a crime, that can be devastating to you; even If you did commit a crime, one thing you can consider is a defense that allows you to take a plea deal or works toward a lesser sentence. One mistake shouldn't have to affect the rest of your life, and if you and your attorney can work together to make a solid appeal to the court and give a good explanation, you'll be in a better place to negotiate.

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