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What is identity theft and are there penalties in Virginia?

When it comes to theft crimes, most individuals in Virginal probably think of things such as robbery, shoplifting or larceny. A growing type of theft crime across the country is ID theft, and individuals who are accused of ID theft can face stiff penalties if convicted.

The difference between robbery and larceny

Do you think that all charges for taking something that does not belong to you are relatively the same in Virginia? If so, and if you are facing such charges, you could be overlooking some very important distinctions. You must know exactly what the charges you are facing imply, both to make sure that they are fair and to make sure that you understand all of your legal options.

The elements of a Virginia larceny charge

Newport News residents may use terms like theft, larceny and robbery interchangeably in everyday discussions. In fact, the legal definitions of these words, which all refer to taking something that doesn't belong to you, vary significantly. The distinctions among the terms are particularly important for Virginia criminal defendants.

A larceny defense must fit the alleged crime

Theft crime charges are divided into a number of different types, all of which come with different possible consequences should conviction occur. It can be difficult to understand the variations in theft crimes, especially when some of the allegations may sound less serious than they are.

Guilty plea entered in trust-fund theft crime

Terms such as theft often bring to mind robbery scenarios for residents of Newport News, Virginia. Most residents would never thing of breaking into another person's home and walking away with items or money, but when individuals are put in a position of trust regarding funds, it can be difficult to resist temptation. In some cases, those who commit theft crimes are trying to make ends meet, though that is not a defense or valid reason to take what doesn't belong to them.

Police: Virginia man created home golf course with stolen goods

Several words describe stealing -- taking something of value that doesn't belong to you without permission and with the intention of keeping it. Depending on state laws, theft and larceny may be interchangeable terms. Burglary involves unlawful entry and robbery is theft using threat or force.

Virginia Beach car theft defendant faces double life-plus term

A charge of carjacking is applied when violence or a threat of violence is introduced during the theft of a vehicle. Violent crimes carry the highest penalties for Newport News defendants. A loss of freedom is unavoidable following a conviction.

Virginia man faces grand larceny charges over alleged sign thefts

A Virginia man is being charged with taking two signs dedicated to victims of the Sandy Hook school shootings. According to reports, the signs were located in Connecticut and New Jersey. Charges are pending against the man in those two states for grand larceny.

Virginia news anchor sentenced for role in fraud case

You don't have to physically commit a crime to be charged with something. Knowing about a crime without reporting it or aiding in a crime in anyway can lead to misdemeanor or felony charges. For a Virginia news anchor, romantic involvement with someone accused of fraud and theft crimes resulted in court ordered restitution.

Man charged with water theft crime after pipe discovered

Did you know that you could be charged with a felony in Virginia if you fail to pay for your water? That is what happened to one Chesapeake man, who is accused of stealing water from the city. The 53-year-old man is just one of more than 20 such theft crime cases in Chesapeake in the past year, according to official reports.

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