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Trusted Guidance Through Business Law

Starting, owning, and running a successful business is one of the most rewarding endeavors a person can undertake. Few things in life can compare to the sense of satisfaction associated with taking your idea or skill, working hard to perfect it, and then sharing it with the world in the form of a profitable and sustainable business.

However, in today’s competitive market and complex legal landscape, having a great idea or highly developed skill is often not enough, by itself, to enable your business to reach its full potential. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to become the next big player in the market or an established business owner looking to enhance your profit margins and expand your business, obtaining the guidance of a seasoned, knowledgeable, and aggressive attorney early on is critical for your success.

Proven Guidance And Representation

The attorneys at Weisberg & Weisberg in Newport News have years of demonstrated experience advising businesses – small and large, domestic and international – on a wide variety of legal matters. Our lawyers have successfully represented companies and individuals in connection with issues involving:

Moreover, we believe that business clients are best served by an attorney with the instincts of an entrepreneur and a holistic approach to the practice of law. For example, if you have a contract dispute, we will not only provide skillful and aggressive representation in connection with that issue, but will also look at your overall business to identify steps that can be taken to improve your legal position in potential future disputes or even to minimize the risk of such disputes altogether. In our years of experience, we have found this approach to be extremely beneficial to our clients.

Tailored To Your Needs

The attorneys at Weisberg & Weisberg also recognize that the “hourly fee” billing structure commonly imposed by larger firms may not always be the best fit for every type of client and legal issue. Instead, we believe that effective representation includes tailoring our fee structure to the unique needs and circumstances of each client. As such, we often discuss with our clients whether alternative fee structures – such as flat fee or contingent fee arrangements – are more appropriate for the legal issue at hand.

Our firm is equipped to provide effective representation in connection with just about any legal issue you or your business may face. Contact us today to arrange your initial consultation. Call 757-528-2643.


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