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Fraud, Unfair Competition and Other Business Torts
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Guidance Through Fraud, Unfair Competition and Other Business Torts

It is an unfortunate reality of today’s business world that some companies and individuals simply refuse to act fairly and ethically in their dealings with others. Fortunately, the law offers substantial protections for businesses that have been injured by the wrongful or unlawful actions of others. While business torts can take many forms, below are some common scenarios that many businesses face, all of which can be potentially ruinous to a company and its owners:

  • A company or individual enters into a transaction with your business through the use of false or misleading statements regarding, for example, the intention or ability to pay or to perform obligations under a contract.
  • A competitor makes disparaging statements about your business to customers, suppliers, or others, resulting in reputational harm and lost business opportunities.
  • A competitor or customer wrongfully obtains or misuses trade secrets, customer lists, or other confidential or proprietary information that you have worked hard to develop and protect.
  • One or more companies or individuals conspire with one another to cause financial or reputational harm to your business.

Making matters worse, while many businesses are victims of the wrongful or unlawful conduct of others, some companies use lawsuits based on false or overblown allegations of fraud or unfair business practices as a tactic to attempt to put their competitors out of business. In many cases, even if a business prevails in its defense of such claims in court, the expenses and burdens of litigation can be substantial.

Whether you believe that you have been defrauded in connection with a transaction, or whether another company or individual has, or is threatening to, file a lawsuit against you based on untrue allegations of misconduct, having a knowledgeable and aggressive business law attorney on your side is critical to the survival of the business you have worked so hard to build.

Handling Fraud, Unfair Competition, Misappropriation, and Other Business Tort Matters

The attorneys at Weisberg & Weisberg in Newport News, VA have years of proven experience representing companies and individuals in connection with a broad range of fraud, unfair competition, misappropriation, and other business tort matters. We will work closely with you to determine the strategy that is most advantageous to your business, not only in connection with the dispute at issue, but also in connection with the overall continued success of your company.

If you feel that your business has been the victim of fraudulent, unfair, or otherwise wrongful conduct, or if you have been sued by another company or individual claiming that your business has engaged in such conduct, contact Weisberg & Weisberg today to discuss the multitude of options you have in defending your rights under the law. Call 757-528-2643.


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