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The difference between robbery and larceny

Do you think that all charges for taking something that does not belong to you are relatively the same in Virginia? If so, and if you are facing such charges, you could be overlooking some very important distinctions. You must know exactly what the charges you are facing imply, both to make sure that they are fair and to make sure that you understand all of your legal options.

To start with, a robbery charge is often one where force was used. This could include physical strength, such as pulling a purse or bag out of someone’s grasp. It could also include the use of threats or weapons as a means of force to get someone to give you something. Either way, the element of force is going to be present.

Larceny, on the other hand, is a theft that does not involve force. For example, this could include taking something from a store without paying for it or grabbing something that someone left out in his or her yard — a lawn chair, for instance — while no one is around. It could also range all the way up to something like grand theft auto.

One other thing to note about a larceny charge is that you could also be charged with possessing stolen property. This can alter what type of ramifications you may face.

If you are facing charges now or just curious about how the process works, the distinctions between the types of charges and the legal options that you have to set up a defense, please take a look at our page on theft today.


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