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The best parenting tips after separation

When you have separated from the other parent of your child, your relationship with your children and the parenting strategy that you take is likely to change. If you are sharing custody with the other parent, you will need to get used to having a routine where you only live with your children for part of the time. This can be very difficult for many parents to get used to, and they may need to take some time to adjust.

If you are currently going through a separation and struggling to make the transition to a healthy co-parenting relationship, the following are some tips to help you adjust.

Different co-parenting styles and parent-child relationships

When it comes to co-parenting for divorced couples, there is no guidebook. Each situation is unique, and parents often learn on the fly. If there is one constant, it is that divorced parents must continue to work together to ensure that whatever parenting style they use is in the best interests of their child.

Researchers have pinpointed four different parenting styles, born of analysis of control and responsiveness factors in parent/child relationships. 

How does a criminal conviction affect your divorce?

When you married your spouse, you likely vowed to support him or her for better or worse. You probably said nothing, though, about sticking with your partner after he or she commits a crime. Still, you likely want to know how a criminal conviction may affect your divorce proceedings.

Virginia law allows for both no-fault and fault-based divorces. With a no-fault divorce, the court does not require that you prove your spouse did something wrong. Instead, if you meet certain requirements, you can usually end your marriage without blaming your partner for its demise. Fault-based divorce works a bit differently.

Take the stress out of property division with smart planning

When you are facing a divorce, the prospect of property division probably seems daunting, and you wonder how you will manage.

However, with advance planning and a commonsense approach, you can get through the property division phase of the divorce with less stress and more confidence than you anticipate.

Child custody, child support and private schooling

A divorce can take a tremendous toll on the emotional well-being of kids. To minimize the potentially negative consequences your divorce has on your children, you likely want to provide as much stability as possible. Keeping your young ones in the same school is apt to be a successful strategy.

If your kids go to a private school, tuition and other education-related costs may be quite expensive. Fortunately, you may be able to use child support to pay for your children's educational expenses. If you plan to go this route, though, you must know how Virginia law treats the intersection of child custody, child support and private schooling.


Getting divorced can be a stressful and time-consuming process. For most clients, divorce proceedings involve spending a lot of time collecting financial records and scouring e-mail accounts and social media for relevant documents and information. It is therefore not surprising that, in the course of the process, most people either ignore their estate plan completely or put off the issue until the divorce is resolved. In this article, we will discuss the importance of consulting with an experienced estate planning attorney early on in the divorce process.


Protective Orders:

While the Court's are generally closed, they are open for certain emergencies. One of those emergencies is protective order requests. If someone has engaged in an act which puts you in fear for your health and/or safety, call the police to have it investigated, and then call us so that we can help you pursue your protective Order.


The outbreak of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has left many people scrambling to prepare for the new realities of quarantine, over-burdened medical systems, and financial stress. While most individuals focus mainly on having enough food and supplies to weather the storm, one critical aspect of truly being prepared often goes ignored: Estate Planning.

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