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How to tell if you’re intoxicated before driving in Virginia

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2023 | Drunk Driving

When a Virginia police officer arrests someone for a driving under the influence (DUI) infraction, they typically either need proof that someone drove in an impaired manner or test results that show that someone is over the legal limit.

A significant percentage of motorists who are pulled over by the police for an alleged impaired driving infraction genuinely believed that they could safely drive when they got behind the wheel. But even if a driver feels as though their performance at the wheel was acceptable, failing a breath test or another blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test by producing a result of 0.08% or more could mean that someone gets arrested and charged with a DUI offense. No one wants their night out with friends to culminate in a criminal charge. Therefore, it is understandable to wonder how a driver can confirm whether or not they are under the influence before they start their vehicle.

You can track your consumption

One of the most common strategies for minimizing DUI arrest risk involves limiting oneself to a single drink each hour. Most adults can metabolize one serving of alcohol per hour.

However, people have to understand if their body performs like that of the average person and they have to know how the bartenders make the drinks they enjoy. A single Long Island Iced tea, for example, might leave someone unable to drive for several hours.

You can test yourself

The technology for chemical breath testing has become more affordable, so some people actually have pocket devices that they use to test themselves before they start their vehicles. There are also bars and restaurants that offer breath testing services, often for a per-use fee.

While such devices are helpful, they are not always accurate. Additionally, someone’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) can continue rising even after they finish drinking and leave a business. Those who think they are safe to drive could still be over the legal limit when an officer pulls them over.

People need to have self-awareness about how their body responds to alcohol, give themselves time to metabolize their drinks and have alternate ways to get home if they want to protect themselves from the possibility of a DUI. Showing that they took credible steps to avoid impaired driving could also be a good starting point for someone hoping to defend against DUI charges in Virginia.


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