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Strong Defense From DUI Charges

If you or a loved one has been charged or arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, serious consequences follow a conviction. Those convicted of DUI can face harsh fines, jail time, community service and loss of driving privileges. An experienced DUI defense attorney from our offices in Newport News, VA will fight to minimize your exposure to these consequences.

At Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, our attorneys have over 50 years of collective experience defending clients charged with a wide range of criminal offenses. We routinely defend individuals charged with DUI. Our understanding of the law and the consequences you may face allows us to work quickly to protect your interest in what can often be a very aggressive criminal justice system.

Challenging A Breath Test

In many situations, the best DUI defense is centered on questioning the effectiveness of the law enforcement officer’s administration of a breath test. We will challenge several factors, including:

  • Was the officer trained properly?
  • Was the machine properly calibrated?
  • Was the machine properly stored and cleaned between uses?
  • Was the test properly administered?
  • Were the test results accurately recorded?

These, and many other, questions will be investigated by our dedicated staff of professionals. We will hold law enforcement responsible for the validity of their test results and challenge them on whether those results were properly attained.

Restricted Driving Privileges

If your driving privileges have been revoked or suspended, you or your loved one might be eligible to receive restricted driving privileges in some circumstances. We can represent you before the court and present a compelling argument that outlines your needs. If aspects of your life depend on your ability to drive — such as work, school, medical appointments or child care — we can help you navigate the legal system to gain a restricted driver’s license.

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If you have questions regarding DUI defense, contact Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC or call 757-659-9611 to schedule a consultation. We will listen to your concerns and offer real legal solutions. Our office is located near the Newport News City Center at Oyster Point, off Interstate 64.

4 reasons you need an attorney after a DUI arrest

After getting arrested for a DUI, an attorney may be able to help a person make it through the process by explaining plea options and trial techniques.

Over the course of a single year, alcohol played a role in 7,591 crashes in Virginia according to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. In the same year, there were 20,768 DUI convictions in the state. With so many drivers getting in trouble for driving under the influence, it is important to look at the benefits an attorney can have on this type of case.

1. Decide how to plead

Those accused of drinking and driving have the choice to plead either guilty or not guilty at an arraignment. Because most people have never gone through this process before, it can be challenging to know what plea is the best. An attorney will be able to help each person choose what to say at the arraignment based on his or her unique situation. For example, someone who failed a field sobriety test may have too much evidence against him or her to plead not guilty, but someone who has witnesses who will attest to his or her sobriety may have enough evidence to dispute the charges.

2. Go to trial

If a person chooses to plead not guilty, he or she will need to gather evidence in order to make a case. Doing this without the help of an attorney can be close to impossible. A lawyer will know where to look for information that can help a person win or at least make his or her case. An attorney will also know what protocols to follow as the charges are fought before a judge and jury.

3. Get a plea bargain

If a person is convicted of a DUI, he or she may have to pay a fine, spend time in jail or complete community service. A lawyer can, in some cases, help reduce the sentence. Depending on the situation, an attorney may even be able to help change the sentence completely to a moving traffic violation, such as reckless driving, rather than driving under the influence. Of course, getting a bargain may not be possible if the blood-alcohol content level was above the legal driving limit of 0.08.

4. Learn more about the options

One major benefit an attorney can have on a DUI case is helping the accused learn about his or her options. The lawyer may even be able to prepare the person for the court case by explaining what the judge will expect. With this guidance, it may be easier to make it through the legal process that takes place after being arrested for a DUI.

When a person is arrested for drunken driving in Virginia, it can be hard to know exactly what to do through every step of the process. When a person needs advice or is thinking about pleading not guilty, working with an attorney familiar with DUI cases can be very beneficial.

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