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Can Spousal Support Be Reduced?
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Protecting Your Interests In Virginia Spousal Support Modification Disputes

When a Virginia spousal support order is established, it typically reflects the circumstances that exist at the time the divorce is being finalized. Things can change over time, however, and, it is possible for the original orders to no longer be applicable to the current situation. In situations like these, it may be appropriate to seek a modification of the spousal support order.

Whether you are a spouse in need of assistance with petitioning the court for a modification, or a spouse who wishes to challenge one, it is important that you seek the advice of a qualified Newport News family law attorney. At Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, we represent clients on both sides of spousal support modification disputes.

Taking A Strategic Approach To Your Case

Representation For Paying Spouses

The law is very clear with regard to the circumstances that allow a paying spouse to seek a modification of the spousal support order. A material change in circumstances, such as job loss or a substantial decrease in income, can create grounds for seeking a modification. In addition, sometimes it is appropriate to ask for a decrease in support when a former spouse’s income increases. If your former spouse has remarried or has been cohabitating with another person in a marriage-like relationship for at least one year, you may also be able to seek a modification.

Representation For Recipient Spouses

Many of the recipient spouses we represent in these cases need help with contempt actions for nonpayment. In other cases, however, we are called upon to address various modification issues, such as asking to defend against a request to decrease or terminate support. Often in these cases issues of imputation of income – that is, asking the court to treat the payor spouse as though they should be making more money – is critical. If a person quits a high-paying job, or is fired, the recipient or payee former spouse should not have to suffer.

Talk To A Lawyer About Your Spousal Support Modification Questions

Contact our office to discuss your concerns regarding spousal support. We have extensive experience with these matters, and we work tirelessly to obtain the best available outcome on your behalf. We can be reached by calling 757-659-9611 or by completing our online contact form. We will listen to your concerns and offer real legal solutions. Our office is located near the Newport News City Center at Oyster Point, off Interstate 64.

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