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College Students And Drug Charges
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College Students Facing Drug Charges

College students can learn valuable lessons, both in the classroom and in the social milieu of campus life. Sometimes these lessons can take on a life of their own, particularly when there is the potential for a mistake to have far-reaching consequences.

A criminal conviction against a young person is highly problematic because it can affect his or her future job prospects and educational opportunities. Sometimes it can affect financial aid and lead to other difficulties in the near term.

If your son or daughter has been charged with a drug offense, he or she needs strong legal representation right away; he or she should not talk to law enforcement about the charges until you have obtained legal advice. It is essential to have an experienced attorney who can help you understand what rights and options you have.

Knowledgeable Advice For Parents | Strong Representation For Students

Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, is a boutique firm with offices in Newport News, VA. Our defense lawyers are experienced in working with college students and their families, helping clients reach favorable outcomes in difficult cases involving:

  • Drug possession charges
  • Possession or distribution of marijuana or other drugs
  • Prescription drug offenses
  • Heroin possession and distribution
  • Misdemeanor and felony charges
  • Cocaine charges
  • First-time offenders who may be eligible for diversion programs
  • Alternative dispositions that involve treatment or education programs

Our firm is here to serve students from Christopher Newport University, Hampton University, William & Mary, ECPI University and Thomas Nelson Community College, among other colleges and universities.

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