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Juvenile Crimes
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We Help Juveniles Keep Their Futures Bright

When a child is charged with a crime, his or her very future might be at stake. One of the worst feelings a parent must face is the helplessness that comes from seeing his or her child charged with a crime. You need an experienced juvenile crime defense lawyer who can diligently fight on behalf of your child.

Depending on the severity of the charge, prosecutors might attempt to try the individual as an adult. It is our goal to persuade prosecutors to charge your child as a minor. With juvenile crime, the court is strictly focused on the notion of rehabilitation rather than punishment. Here, the courts have an enormous amount of discretion in helping children learn from their mistakes and grow as productive members of society. Diversions such as essay writing, community service and home electronic monitoring are all designed to help children learn without the threat of incarceration.

Different Types of Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile crimes can stem from several different types of situations, including:

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Skill In Working With Underage Individuals

Part of the success of our firm lies in the fact that we have the skill, understanding and tenacity that are necessary to gain the trust of both the children and the courts. It is the goal of the court system to rehabilitate rather than punish, and we strive to work with both the parents and the court to design a rehabilitation plan that acknowledges and addresses the problem. It is our goal not only to defend the individual in this one instance, but also to ensure that he or she learns the necessary lesson and continues toward a healthy, happy and productive future.

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