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Same-Sex Family Law
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Help With Same-Sex Family Law Matters

Same-sex couples experience the same legal difficulties as heterosexual couples in a divorce, custody, support or adoption case. However, LGBT couples and individuals can face more complicated challenges when a court does not recognize their rights in a fair or clear manner.

It can help to have a family law attorney who understands the issues faced by LGBT people in Virginia. It is important for your lawyer to understand the law, but it is critical for your lawyer to understand you.

We Can Answer Your Questions

At Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, in Newport News, Virginia, we provide practical advice and strong representation to same-sex individuals and families. Our attorneys can answer your questions about same-sex family law. You may be wondering:

  • Does Virginia recognize gay or lesbian divorce?
  • Are there any special legal issues that apply to the division of property between same-sex partners?
  • As an LGBT parent, what must I do to protect or obtain custody of my child?
  • How are visitation arrangements made for separating same-sex couples?
  • How do I obtain child support as an LGBT parent? Will I have to pay child support?
  • If I am adopting a child, should my attorney be experienced with same-sex adoption?
  • As an LGBT stepparent or grandparent, what legal rights do I have?

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Every legal situation is different, and LGBT family law is an emerging field. We look at every family situation as a unique matter. Contact us to get your questions answered. Call 757-659-9611.

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