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Protecting Your Rights Before You Are Charged

If you are being investigated for a state or federal crime in Virginia, it is important to start protecting your rights now and begin controlling the damage as soon as possible. The earlier you begin, the better off you will be. Investigators and prosecutors will not wait for you to prepare yourself for what may lie ahead. In all likelihood, time is of the essence.

If you are concerned that you will be charged with a criminal offense, you need an experienced defense lawyer on your side. You need a strong, knowledgeable attorney who understands the rules, the processes and the viable defense options that can help you reach a favorable outcome. In some cases, proper representation can lead to a resolution of the matter before charges are actually filed.

Strong Defense Representation When Time Is Of The Essence

The criminal defense lawyers at Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, can help you at any stage of your criminal matter. We recognize the level of stress created by any criminal investigation, and we know how to start building a solid strategy that fits your exact situation. We are responsive, understanding and well-known for excellent, personalized service.

It is normal to be confused, angry, anxious or depressed about a serious legal matter, particularly if you are innocent. Above all, it is essential to develop a plan and take action. Let us answer your questions about:

  • Grand juries and prosecutors
  • Arrests and bench warrants
  • Drug charges or sex crime offenses
  • Fraud and white collar criminal charges
  • How federal criminal cases are handled in Virginia
  • If and when you should talk to investigators and law enforcement
  • What to expect next if you are being investigated

Every case is different. Get the legal help you need.

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Contact us for a confidential consultation with an experienced attorney regarding your precharge matter. Call 757-659-9611. Our firm is based in Newport News.

Let's Do This Together

Contact Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, in Newport News, to discuss your legal matter in confidence with one of our lawyers. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and your family.