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Distribution Of Marijuana
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Accusations Of Distributing Marijuana

With numerous states legalizing marijuana, it is hard to believe Virginia treats its possession and distribution so harshly. In Virginia, you can be charged with a felony if you are alleged to be selling more than half an ounce of marijuana. Sale of more than five pounds can result in a sentence of up to 30 years, with a minimum sentence of five years!

It is surprising how easy it is for an individual to find him or herself charged with distribution of marijuana. One does not have to be running a multistate or large-scale operation to be accused of distribution of marijuana. Many, if not most, of these charges are based on an individual merely selling a small amount of marijuana to one other individual. It is shocking how quickly the Commonwealth is willing to charge college students and other youths with distribution. If you are charged with distribution of marijuana, we strongly encourage you to seek counsel from an attorney before you speak with the police.

At Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC in Newport News , VA, our attorneys are well-versed in Virginia drug law. We know how to handle distribution cases in an effective manner. We know how to develop a personalized defense calibrated to help our clients reach favorable outcomes in their specific cases.

A Strategic Defense Against Drug Charges

Every case is different, so it is essential to have a strategy that works for you. Our firm can help you explore the important questions:

  • Can the prosecution actually prove the charges?
  • Was the marijuana packaged in one bag or many bags?
  • Was the accused person in possession of a scale?
  • Did the police find large numbers of the same denomination of bills?
  • Was there an illegal search and seizure?
  • Was there an illegal interrogation, search or seizure?

Having a certain amount of marijuana is not enough to convict a person of distribution. As your lawyers, we will explore all possible defenses and explain the legal process to you before it starts.

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