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Property Division/Equitable Distribution
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Protecting Your Interests In Property Division

The division of property is one of the most difficult aspects of many divorces. Nobody wants to be treated unfairly or lose what he or she has worked hard for, yet most people don’t want to unnecessarily intensify a conflict that is already painful and complicated. That’s why it is important to have guidance from an experienced family law attorney if you have concerns about property division.

Knowledgeable And Pragmatic About Asset Division

At Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, in Newport News, Virginia, our lawyers are knowledgeable in the law and experienced in the successful division of marital assets. We are practical and cost-effective in our use of resources. We help our clients address asset division with regard to:

  • Real property, including their homes and vacation and rental properties
  • Retirement assets and qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs) that are used to divide them
  • Business assets
  • Liquid assets
  • Personal possessions
  • Concerns about alimony and child support

Our clients appreciate our ability to resolve difficult divorce-related matters without going to court, which prevents needless stress and expense.

Experienced With High-Asset Divorce Cases

Our divorce clients have included individuals with high-asset estates, including business owners, executives and military officers. We are known for being practical, smart and sensitive to the needs of clients who want to protect their property.

Our attorneys are exceptionally good at negotiating property settlements. That means we must carefully navigate the delicate balancing of the challenges of litigation and the improved quality of life for clients (and their children) who maintain civility in the divorce process.

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At Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, we know we have an important job. Call 757-659-9611. We understand that property division issues are extremely important to the people we represent. We can answer your questions about asset division and divorce. Contact us.

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