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Illegal Search And Seizure
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Understanding Illegal Search And Seizure

The United States Constitution is explicit in its language about “unreasonable searches and seizures” (Amendments, Article IV) and their illegality. Virginia law is also clear on the topic. The problem is that law enforcement officers often get away with violating people’s fundamental rights in drug cases.

Many of these violations occur during traffic stops on streets and highways. As recent news events have shown us, what starts as a supposed traffic violation can turn into something much more serious.

If you believe you or a family member was the subject of an illegal or unlawful search, you should talk to a criminal defense attorney with relevant experience.

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

Attorneys with Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC in Newport News , Virginia have extensive experience with misdemeanor and felony defense on the state and federal levels. A hallmark of our criminal defense practice is the protection of our clients’ constitutional rights. In every case we handle, we examine the actions of the law enforcement officers who made the arrest.

Our lawyers can help you answer important questions like:

  • Legally speaking, is racial profiling OK?
  • Was there a sufficient basis for the traffic stop?
  • Did police have reasonable suspicion to pull me over?
  • Can the police search my car without a warrant?
  • Can police or state troopers legally order me out of my car?
  • Can a cop search my clothing without permission?
  • What kinds of custodial searches are legal?
  • What if an arrest is shown to be illegal?
  • What will happen to my case if we can prove there was an illegal search and/or seizure?

Every case is different. Talk to an attorney about your case before you talk to the police about it.

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