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Heroin Charges
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Defense Against Heroin Charges

In recent years, heroin use has re-established itself as a serious problem in Virginia. In addition to being highly addictive and frequently deadly, heroin is illegal, and a conviction for possession or distribution of heroin can have serious consequences on your life and career.

Heroin has become popular among some college students and young adults as well as artists of all ages and older users from different backgrounds. Law enforcement is actively and aggressively fighting the heroin trade in Virginia, and more and more individuals are finding themselves charged with heroin offenses.

It is important to have a proper defense — a viable, deliberate defense strategy executed by a strong, experienced attorney.

Heroin Distribution

At Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC in Newport News , we have over 50 years of collective experience with criminal defense matters, including heroin distribution. We provide thorough, knowledgeable defense against heroin charges stemming from:

  • Undercover purchases (often referred to as “controlled buy” or “controlled purchase”)
  • Investigations and stings leading to serious federal charges such as conspiracy and illegal drug trafficking
  • Cases involving local police cross-designated with federal agents

Many distribution cases originate in a traffic stop or the search of a home. Generally, authorities make an arrest because they find a large amount of heroin, certain denominations or amounts of cash, certain kinds of packaging or other evidence. This can bring up questions about illegal search and seizure.

  • What penalties do I face if I am convicted?
  • What effect will the amount of heroin have in my case?
  • Do I have a chance with an accommodation defense?
  • Will the law really treat me less harshly if I was dealing just to get drugs?
  • Is there a Miranda or search-and-seizure issue?
  • Can I get the evidence against me suppressed?

We can answer questions about negotiating immunity for state and federal cases. We can help you understand all the options that are available in your case.

Heroin Possession

Many people who are charged with heroin possession do not realize how serious their charges are. They may be in denial about the fact that heroin is an illegal, controlled substance, or they may be stuck in the throes of a powerful addiction.

The problem is that heroin and other narcotics are not just incredibly addictive; they are highly criminalized. You can end up spending time in jail for possession of a small amount of heroin.

In many heroin possession cases in which the prosecution’s evidence is strong, we can convince a court that treatment is the best option for our clients. We can often demonstrate to a judge that our client is serious about recovery.

First, though, we examine the details and ascertain whether heroin charges can be proven. In some situations, our clients avoid conviction entirely.

We Can Answer Your Questions

If you or a loved one was charged with heroin possession, heroin distribution or another drug crime in Virginia, the lawyers of Weisberg & Weisberg, PLLC, can help answer your questions.

The initial consultation is free, and the advice is honest. Call 757-659-9611 in Newport News to find out how we can help or contact us online.

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