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Celebrity marriage a ploy to win child custody battle?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2015 | Child Custody

During child custody battles, emotions can run high. Individuals often make rash decisions that can impact their entire lives in an attempt to win custody battles. Tactics range from discrediting the other parent to making big changes to improve court impressions of lifestyle or stability. While many strategies do have a time and place within the legal structure, sometimes individuals may take things too far.

One woman, who is involved in a custody battle with rapper Ludacris, claims that the celebrity rushed a marriage to his girlfriend to improve his stance in their custody dispute. Ludacris reportedly proposed to his girlfriend on Dec. 25, and the two were married the same day.

The mother of Ludacris’s baby girl says the rapper has yet to meet the girl, but he did file for paternity of the baby. The mother says she would never keep the girl’s father away, and that the lack of involvement is on the rapper’s end. According to the mother, the rapper’s rushed marriage is a step he is taking to fortify his situation before attempting to claim full custody of the baby girl.

The mother also claims that the custody battle and the rapper’s marriage are just ploys so that the celebrity can avoid $7,000 in child support payments. Whether the marriage actually strengthens the rapper’s position in any child custody case remains to be seen.

Changing your situation is actually not always a bad idea if you are seeking custody of a child. Relocating, creating a more stable living environment or seeking consistent employment are all things you can do that might improve custody chances. A sudden marriage isn’t usually a traditional strategy for custody cases, though working with an experienced legal professional to develop a strategy may be a good idea.

Source: Hollywood Life, “Ludacris Slammed By Ex For Fast Marriage In Baby Custody War” Jordyn Shaffer, Jan. 08, 2015


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