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Defend yourself against claims of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2015 | Domestic Violence

If the police are called to your home to respond to a domestic disturbance, they’re going to look for any kind of sign of domestic violence. This is standard, because the police need physical evidence of injury or violence to support the claim of a disturbance, especially if they didn’t witness it themselves.

Sometimes, police act too quickly in these situations, and that can mean arresting someone who doesn’t deserve it to help protect the person they’re viewing as a victim. While allegations are being made, it’s important that you’re also having your side of the story told and a separate investigation made.

Domestic violence claims sometimes come during stressful times in relationships. You may be going through a divorce or could be trying to break up with your significant other. These allegations or threats of them could be used to keep you in a relationship or to get more out of a divorce.

If a dispute is physical and the police are called, it’s up to you to show why the situation became violent. Were you protecting yourself? Was the other person threatening you or themselves, requiring quick action? These kinds of questions need to be answered in order to build a case that can protect you against criminal charges.

If things did really get out of hand, then it’s possible you could enroll in a Domestic Assault First Offender Program. Completing an anger management course is part of this program, and then two years of good behavior is required. After that is complete, the case is dismissed, making this a good choice for those who have not previously had any criminal charges or convictions. Our website has more about this option and others that may be open to you.


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