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3 charged with drug distribution after marijuana allegedly found

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2015 | Drug Charges

Drug possession is a serious crime itself, but if you’re charged with distribution on top of that, you could be facing time behind bars and serious fines and penalties. It’s easy for a simple possession charge to jump to a distribution charge, especially if you’re caught with cash, large amounts of drugs, or multiple baggies. In these cases, you may want to speak with your attorney right away, because you need to protect yourself against charges that can be more severe than necessary.

Three people in Lynchburg have been accused of drug distribution after an investigation turned up drugs at a local apartment. According to the story, a search-warrant had been issued for the apartment located on Timberlake Road after multiple reports of drug use or drug concerns were filed with police.

When police opened the door to the complex, they claim they smelled marijuana in the apartment. After entering, the officers reported discovering smoking devices and paraphernalia. One of the smoking devices allegedly tested positive for marijuana when a field test was performed.

Officers reported finding multiple containers of plant matter and light-brown powders, both of which could be marijuana or other substances. Dried mushrooms were also reportedly discovered with these plants.

The police sergeant reported that he thought there was enough of the marijuana present to indicate a distribution charge would be appropriate. Two people, a man, age 24, and his wife, age 25, both live at the apartment and have been charged with distribution of marijuana as well as with distributing a Schedule I or II drug. Anther person, a 24-year-old man, was at the home when the search-warrant execution took place. He has also been charged for being on site; he faces two distribution charges.

Source: The News and Advance, “Three Lynchburg residents arrested on drug charges,” Sep. 18, 2015


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