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Rappers indicted for part in alleged drug distribution ring

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2016 | Drug Charges

Sometimes, having drug paraphernalia and making videos referring to drug distribution can get you into trouble. While rap is a kind of music that often talks about drugs and abuse, if you’re being investigated for drug crimes, it can be damaging to your reputation. Your defense attorney can help you fight charges, like the attorney in this story is doing.

A rap group in Virginia Beach has been accused of being part of a drug distribution ring, according to federal investigators. A June 15 report states that the music video produced by the rappers talked the audience through how to make crack cocaine; with over 1,200 people already viewing the video, many have seen how to develop the drug using plastic baggies, baking soda, strainers and other household goods.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Tidewater Violence Crimes Task Force also saw the video, and they alleged that the men used the music studio where they produced their raps as a front to a drug trafficking ring. The FBI refers to the group as a gang, even though there are a number of websites that recognize them as a hip-hop group.

It’s been alleged that the members of the group used money from dealing drugs to rent the music studio and to buy recording equipment. The group’s indictment references the group’s music several times, recognizing that the music could be used to promote or advertise their activities. The defense attorney declined to comment, and it hasn’t been said if the men deny the charges, but the attorney did reference the fact that it was unlikely that the music would lead to a record deal for the group, inferring that it was unlikely to reach a large audience.

Prosecutors seem more interested in the alleged proceeds for drug trafficking; they have said they have sought the forfeit of $7.1 million from the seven defendants in the case as well as the seizures of a Porsche and 9mm handgun.

Source: The Virginian-Pilot, “Virginia Beach rap group also part of huge drug distribution ring, feds say,” Scott Daugherty, June 15, 2016


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