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Rural Retreat man faces charges for marijuana distribution

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2016 | Drug Charges

A man from Rural Retreat is facing drug-related charges after he was stopped in his vehicle by police in Radford. The SWVA Today news reports that the stop, which occurred on Sept. 9, took place after an officer noticed the 20-year-old man’s vehicle traveling erratically. He stopped the vehicle at about 12:20 a.m. on Jefferson Street.

At the time, the young man was charged with driving while intoxicated, but police didn’t stop there. They reported that they discovered various items that could tie the man to drug distribution. The police obtained a search warrant for an apartment where the man was known to stay on occasion. They then filed further charges including distributing and transporting drugs into Virginia (marijuana).

Another of the man’s residences was also searched after an investigator noted that the young man had stated that there was money in a safe in the residence. The police seized $11,400. This man is facing 12 charges in total for marijuana-related drug crimes in addition to the DWI count. He is being held without a bond.

In situations like this one, it’s easy to jump to conclusions, but there’s still the option for defense. For example, if you have money in a safe, that money may not be able to be linked to a crime; it could have been a student loan in cash or other cash savings. If you had marijuana in your vehicle, you may not have known it was present, particularly if a friend recently rode with you. These and other defenses can help you defend yourself in court and work toward a quick resolution of your case.

Source: SWVA Today, “Rural Retreat man facing drug charges in Radford,” Sep. 24, 2016


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