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Know how domestic violence charges might impact your life

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2017 | Domestic Violence

We recently discussed how a woman can be the aggressor in a domestic violence case. This point is one that is very important because many people automatically think of a male aggressor when they hear about domestic violence. We know that this can make it very difficult for you to present a defense if you are being accused of domestic violence.

When you are facing domestic violence charges, there is a chance that your support system might be gone simply because of the accusations that are against you. We are here to help you learn about the options that you have for handling these charges.

One of the points that you have to think about when you are facing domestic abuse or assault charges is that you might not be able to go back home. This is a frightening prospect, but it is the reality if you have an order of protection placed against you. In this case, you would have to find somewhere else to go because you could face even more charges if you try to go home.

On top of the inability to go home, you will have to stay away from your spouse and possibly your children. This can make your life very difficult and unpleasant until these charges are resolved.

A domestic violence conviction can change a lot of things about how you live your life. You might not be able to own a firearm and you might not be able to work in certain professions. This can have a profound impact on your life, which is why you should take the time to learn about ways that you can defend yourself against this charge.


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