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Facing drug offense charges? Here’s what to know

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2017 | Drug Charges

If you’re in illegal possession of prescription drugs, you could get into deep trouble with the law. You can be arrested for having prescription medications not prescribed to you. Of course, there are exceptions.

For example, if you’re driving home from the pharmacy and just picked up a relative’s prescription, it would be unfair for the police to assert that you have illegally obtained medications that aren’t in your name. If you’re delivering the medications to someone else, then it’s a good option to get that information and to present it to your attorney to have your case dismissed.

It’s most often that people face charges when they have drugs out of the original packaging and unlabeled. In those cases, there is no way to prove who owns the drugs or where they’ve come from. Depending on the schedule of controlled substances, you could face serious penalties like prison time or a jail sentence, so it’s vital to find the original containers for your prescription to show the prosecution that you’re in legal possession of the substance.

If you are concerned about getting a conviction, remember that first-time offenses are usually treated more leniently. Drug abuse is a social concern and sickness that the courts want to see treated. Alternative penalties may be possible in lieu of jail. For example, a judge might give you community service instead of jail time if you also seek substance abuse treatment.

Our site has more information on alternative penalties and what you can do if you face drug offense charges. You deserve to have a chance to explain yourself.


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