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Aggravated malicious wounding is a serious charge in any case

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2017 | Criminal Defense

As someone accused of malicious wounding, it’s vital that you understand exactly what that means. This is a serious allegation that could land you in prison. It is a felony in most cases, and it can ruin your reputation and stain your record.

Aggravated malicious wounding includes stabbing, cutting or causing bodily injury with the intent to disable or kill. If someone is accused and found guilty of this, he or she is guilty of a Class 2 felony if the victim suffers an injury and permanent or significant impairments. Those who maim pregnant women with the intent to kill, disfigure, maim or cause the involuntary termination of her pregnancy are guilty of a Class 2 felony as well if she is injured or suffers a significant impairment. The termination of a pregnancy due to an attack is considered to be a severe injury and significant physical impairment in Virginia.

Here’s an example. If you push a woman down the stairs intending to cause her harm or to cause her to abort her child, you could be accused of aggravated malicious wounding. This crime was intentional, and as such, you’ll face an aggravated charge. On the other hand, if you accidentally bump into someone and knock her down the stairs, you may not face the same type of charge. Intent is the difference when it comes to cases of maiming or personal injury.

Our website has more about this charge and what it could mean for your future. You need to know what to expect if you’re going to trial or seeking a plea deal.


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