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Virginia Tech professor to be held until trial

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2017 | Criminal Defense

A federal judge has denied bond for a former Virginia Tech professor based on a conversation he had in another language with his wife, which is something interesting to talk about. The case revolves around a professor who faces charges for committing wire fraud and making false statements. None of the claims have been substantiated.

The professor allegedly told an interpreter that he would flee to China and never return if he was prosecuted. His wife claims that he only said that out of frustration but did have a five-year plan for research in China that was meant to begin in October. His attorney claims he planned to come back numerous times yearly, primarily because the couple has two American-born children, neither of which have Chinese passports or citizenship. The youngest child has special needs.

To obtain bond, the professor was willing to risk his home as a condition, but the prosecution convinced the court that the man was a flight risk. As such, he’ll need to stay in custody until his trial. While electronic tracking was one possibility, the judge didn’t think it would be enough to make sure the man would come to trial. It’s believed that it could take up to two years before the case could be heard. It’s not clear if the man will seek an appeal against the judge’s ruling.

In cases where you could be perceived as a flight risk, it’s important not to say anything that could be used against you to keep you imprisoned. If you’re facing charges and are accused of being a flight risk, it’s vital to defend yourself and your intent to stay in the United States.

Source: WDBJ7, “Federal judge denies bond for former Virginia Tech professor,” Sep. 25, 2017


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