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Rose McGowan believes charges are meant to silence her

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Imagine knowing something horrible about someone but being unable to say anything for fear of repercussions. When you finally do get the nerve to speak out, you coincidentally find yourself the center of a criminal case. That might be what’s happening in this case.

If you’re familiar with the actress Rose McGowan, you may be surprised to know that she has a warrant out for her arrest in Virginia. According to the news from Oct. 27, the woman was traveling by plane and left her luggage on her flight at Washington Dulles International Airport. The authorities claim that her luggage tested positive for narcotics, but she doesn’t believe this is an honest finding.

She believes that the warrant may be an attempt to silence her. Recently, she began to speak out against sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood, and she previously accused the firm producer Harvey Weinstein of rape. She claimed she had been silenced for 20 years, and now she claims this could be an attempt to silence her once again.

The police in Virginia have attempted to contact her to request that she appear in Loudoun County, Virginia, at the court to respond to the charges. The airport authority claims that she left her belonging on United flight 653 on Jan. 20, 2017 and that the warrant was issued in February 2017.

For people who may be trying to make a difference, it could be that someone is trying to silence them or prevent them from speaking. If you find that false allegations have been made against you, it’s your right to speak up and fight back.

Source: NBC Washington, “Police: Actress Rose McGowan Sought on Drug Charge in Virginia,” Oct. 27, 2017


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