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Domestic violence: A real problem that could destroy reputations

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious problem in the United States, so much so that many people refer to it as an epidemic. While women are more likely to be victims of violence in their households, men are also exposed to domestic violence. Around 15 percent of all domestic violence cases involve men as victims.

Domestic violence doesn’t just refer to physical violence. It also includes financial abuse, emotional abuse or other forms of abuse. Every minute, 20 people suffer as a result of domestic abuse. Out of men, one in seven will experience severe abuse by a partner, while one in four women will suffer the same.

A sad statistic is that men who are exposed to violence as a child are more likely to perpetuate that violence as an adult. In many cases, women who experienced violence may be prone to do the same. This is just one reason it’s so important to help those who have experienced violence get both physical and psychological treatment after violence.

Domestic violence leads to approximately 18.5 million mental health care visits yearly. Just one visit to the emergency room costs approximately $948 for women and $387 for men. Woman-on-man and man-on-woman crimes aren’t the only kinds. Around 50 percent of lesbian women suffer domestic violence during their lives, while two in five bisexual or gay men suffer violence from their spouses or partners.

Domestic violence claims can destroy a person’s career or reputation. It’s important to realize that many cases do happen, but others are falsely accused. If you face allegations, protect yourself. The statistics may not always be on your side, but you can fight for fair treatment. Our site has more on what you can do to protect yourself.


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