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Parenting time interference is a violation of the law

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2018 | Child Custody

It’s very important that both parents get time with their children following a divorce. In most cases, parenting time is spelled out in court documents, making it easy to see where your child should be and when. If you interfere with the visitation schedule without good reason, it could come back to haunt you.

Not all parents get along following a divorce, but to be fair to one another, you need to make sure your ex-partner gets to see his or her children in accordance to your custody orders. It’s not acceptable to decide to keep your child longer than the time you’re allowed unless there are extraneous circumstances. Even then, you need to get a court involved quickly.

There are two kinds of interference that you can be accused of. The first is direct, and the second is indirect. Direct interference is when one parent prevents a child from seeing the other parent. This can happen in multiple ways, but a good example would be if a parent flees the country with the child and won’t allow him or her to return.

Indirect inference doesn’t necessarily result in a child not seeing the other parent, but it does mean that the parenting schedule is disrupted. For example, not allowing the other parent to attend the child’s school concert could be construed as an indirect interference of the other parent’s rights.

No matter what the situation is, it’s wise to look into your rights if your co-parent is violating custody orders. Your relationship with your child is meaningful and should be protected.

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