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Social media and divorce: Four important things to know

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2018 | Divorce

While the universal challenges of marriage have been around for millennia, technology has changed relationships in many ways during the last decade. The phenomenon of social media, in particular, has made a significant impact not only on countless marriages but also on countless divorces.

According to sources quoted by Divorce Magazine, social media may play a role in 30 percent of divorces, or even more. Here are four things to know about social media and divorce.

Social media posts can be used in divorce proceedings

Many times, social media posts and photos that are thought to be private turn out to be quite public. Many divorce attorneys warn their clients against posting personal things that can be used against them in a divorce.

Social media can be vehicles of distraction 

It is well known that relationships can suffer when one or both partners are simply addicted to their phones. Social media apps are notorious time suckers that can detract from quality and quantity time and lead spouses to feel neglected and hurt.

Social media is often linked to infidelity

Many of us have a friend who met their significant other through online dating. Typical internet dating tools match people up by similar interests, experiences and perspectives on everything from food to politics. Some people think a more insidious side of social media is its uncanny ability to function in a similar way … by facilitating cheating.

Some attorneys really understand social media

There is no substitute for firsthand knowledge of technology. If you believe social media apps and sites play a role in your divorce, it may be important to work with an attorney who understands Virginia law and possesses an excellent knowledge of social media.


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