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Social media activity may harm your custody case

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2019 | Child Custody

Seemingly everyone these days uses some form of social media. In fact, according to the Pew Research Institute, nearly 70% of adults in the United States regularly use Facebook. While social media offers an effective way to engage with the online world, it may cause trouble for your child custody matter.

As you likely know, you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online platforms in a variety of ways. That is, you may post frequently, comment occasionally or simply read through other users’ content. If you are not careful, though, your online presence may make obtaining custody more difficult. Here are three types of online activity you should probably avoid.

1. Dating profiles 

In any custody dispute, you want to make your children your primary priority. If you create an online dating profile, your ex-spouse may argue that your interests lie elsewhere. As such, until your custody case concludes, you may want to stay away from the online dating scene.

2. Questionable conduct 

Social media users often portray a warped view of reality. That is, they tend to show a festive or lavish view that does not necessarily match their actual lifestyle. If you post photographs that show you regularly hitting the town, you may make yourself seem like an unfit parent. Further, documentation of illicit drug use, regular gambling or excessive drinking may convince a judge that you are a danger to your children.

3. Online rantings 

You do not want to look bad in front of the judge hearing your case. As such, you should assume that everything you post online may eventually become part of an official court record. While you may feel tempted to rant about your ex-spouse, the legal system or even your children, you should avoid negative posts altogether.

Child custody cases are difficult enough without having to deal with self-inflicted wounds. By understanding how your online presence may harm your custody matter, you can better plan for reaching an acceptable outcome.


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