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Common causes of semitruck crashes

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2024 | Personal Injury

Semitrucks move goods all across the country. When engaging in this important work, these large and heavy rigs can sometimes crash into other vehicles. These crashes are often catastrophic and lead to serious injuries.

Anyone who’s struck by a semitruck will need to understand what caused the crash. This will enable them to determine who to hold liable for the damages resulting from the wreck at issue. The following are some of the most common causes of these kinds of collisions.

Trucker fatigue, distraction or impairment

Truckers who are fatigued, distracted or impaired pose a major safety risk for other drivers who are on the roadway. Each of those three behaviors reduce a trucker’s ability to operate the vehicle safely. Yet, the issue of fatigue isn’t always a trucker’s fault. Trucking companies sometimes take away the power to choose when to rest from the trucker. The companies may push for tight deadlines that require the trucker to try to power through their fatigue, which is dangerous.

Problems with rig maintenance or components

Improper vehicle maintenance and faulty components can lead to safety hazards. Any component that’s not working properly can lead to a crash. For example, a semitruck’s brakes not working can lead to the semitruck slamming into another vehicle. If rig maintenance or faulty components are the cause of the crash, it’s necessary to determine what happened so the proper party can be held liable.

Improper cargo securement

All cargo on a semitruck must be secured in accordance with federal regulations. This is critical because cargo that shift while the vehicle is moving can cause the entire rig to shift, which can lead to the trucker losing control. There’s also a chance of the cargo coming off the rig, which can strike another vehicle or land in the roadway to become an obstacle for other drivers.

Filing a personal injury claim enables a victim to seek compensation for the financial damages they’re dealing with because of a crash caused by another’s negligence. This can include the cost of medical care, as well as other damages like missed wages. Getting a claim filed quickly is critical because there are time limits for these cases.


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