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August 2014 Archives

Virginia man arrested twice for repeat DUI within 8 days

Any time a Newport News criminal defendant is convicted of the same crime more than once, penalties can increase substantially. A Virginia defendant convicted of multiple offenses for driving under the influence may be facing severe punishments for a felony. For this reason, any DUI charge becomes a very serious one.

Virginia man's embezzlement charge reduced by plea deal

Embezzlement may be categorized as larceny or theft. Virginia defendants charged with embezzlement are accused of stealing property, usually money, they were authorized to handle. The criminal charge remains the same, whether property is taken in one lump sum or misappropriated a little at a time.

Virginia man accused of DUI manslaughter faces new drug charge

Although individuals are not guilty of a crime unless they are convicted, some Virginia defendants will await trial in jail. Bond is set as a guarantee that freed defendants will return to court. Newport News judges can change their minds about a defendant's freedom if circumstances warrant refusing or revoking bond.

Guilty plea entered in trust-fund theft crime

Terms such as theft often bring to mind robbery scenarios for residents of Newport News, Virginia. Most residents would never thing of breaking into another person's home and walking away with items or money, but when individuals are put in a position of trust regarding funds, it can be difficult to resist temptation. In some cases, those who commit theft crimes are trying to make ends meet, though that is not a defense or valid reason to take what doesn't belong to them.

Virginia driver convicted after vodka-before-driving admission

Newport News defendants can harm their legal cases by making incriminating statements. Defendants may not realize what they say can come back to haunt them in court. Criminal defense lawyers tell anyone charged with a crime to remain silent, as is your right, until legal counsel advises otherwise.

Money arguments a leading cause of divorce

Many residents of Newport News likely know that financial issues often play a role in marital trouble. In fact, disagreements over finances is one of the leading causes of divorce in the United States. The decision to end a marriage doesn't necessarily ends arguments over money, however, and there are things couples can do to mitigate frustrations and trouble both before and after a decision to divorce is made.

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