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A larceny defense must fit the alleged crime

Theft crime charges are divided into a number of different types, all of which come with different possible consequences should conviction occur. It can be difficult to understand the variations in theft crimes, especially when some of the allegations may sound less serious than they are.

In Virginia and other states, a robbery, which tends to involve forced taking of property, is often seen as a more serious crime than a theft that involves slipping a few bills from the petty cash drawer. Because the robbery may have involved assault or other issues, the consequences can actually be greater. However, the consequences for larceny — a theft crime wherein items are taken without force — can depend on the situation, type of goods stolen and a person’s record.

Some common types of larceny allegations include car and bicycle theft, pickpocketing and shoplifting. In the case of larceny, alleged victims are not usually aware items are missing until after the crime occurs. That can lead to false accusations based on emotions or poor evidence, making it important for individuals to engage a strong larceny defense as soon as possible following allegations or arrest.

You don’t even have to have taken items from someone to be accused of larceny. If someone leaves you with stolen goods or you purchase these goods without realizing they are stolen, you may be suspected of the crime. Having detailed knowledge of the variations of larceny charges and the tools to investigate facts and evidence from the defendant’s perspective are essential. A criminal defense should fit the alleged crime, making it important to seek assistance from legal professionals who are well-versed in defending against larceny charges of all types.

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