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May 2015 Archives

Judge orders 2 children be returned to mother

While it's not surprising that many couples disagree over who will have custody of the children after a divorce or what the terms of the custody order will be, some disputes can get especially complicated, lasting years. A recent turn of events in one notable custody case, however, has shown that these things can change with just one judge's orders.

Accused of domestic violence? Stand up for yourself

Being accused of domestic assault puts you in a difficult position. When the police arrive, their goal is going to be to keep the alleged victim safe, and that could lead to you being arrested even if you're not guilty of anything.

Virginia drivers: Beware of increased DUI patrols this weekend

If you are like many other Virginians, you likely have some plans to relax and spend time with loved ones over the Memorial Day weekend. And chances are, these plans involve alcohol to some extent. It is very common for people to enjoy beers at a picnic or barbecue or cocktails at a party during this time of year, and police know this.

How do prior convictions affect those facing drug charges?

From hefty fines to prison time and a criminal record that will follow someone around for the rest of their life, there are a variety of serious consequences that can make life incredibly difficult for those who are charged with drug crimes.

How can I avoid unexpected financial problems after divorce?

Depending on the specific circumstances of your divorce, you may have found yourself overwhelmed by all of the different aspects that go into establishing a divorce settlement. And now that your divorce is officially finalized, you may feel as though there are still arrangements to be made. Provided below are a few practical steps that you can take to help ensure that no loose ends follow you and your family after divorce proceedings have ended.

Exactly how do drug convictions affect student loan eligibility?

If you're in college (or if your child is), you need to know that being convicted of even a small amount of marijuana could have serious, long-term consequences. For one thing, a drug conviction could seriously hamper your future prospects for employment, housing, professional licensure -- even volunteer opportunities. More immediately, you could lose your eligibility for federal financial aid.

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