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Criminal defense is a long-haul proposition

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2015 | Drunk Driving

When someone faces charges of any type, including serious DUI charges, criminal defense measures should take a long-term approach. Criminal cases can spread out over a long period of time, especially if prosecutors decide to take a case to trial. For one former Virginia college athlete, a drunk driving case has been continued over numerous trial delays. Some of those delays might be in his favor, though.

The man was arrested in March of this year by police in another Virginia city. The authorities claim they witnessed erratic driving from the man. When they stopped him, they reportedly performed field sobriety tests on him and then arrested him. The man allegedly refused to consent to a breath or blood alcohol test at the time he was charged with the DUI, so he was charged with that refusal as well.

Since that time, the man has been fighting a criminal defense battle. He first faced the charge of DUI, which he was able to defeat in June. His criminal defense strategy paid off in a not guilty verdict, but that decision didn’t include the charges for refusing the tests.

The man is now awaiting trial on the refusal charge. A first trial was to be held Oct. 7, but the man could not be in court for family reasons. His attorneys requested a continuance of the trial again because of missing footage from police dash cams. In this case, the defense likely believes that the footage would help show whether the man was initially driving erratically.

DUI cases, and other criminal matters, often come with a layer of both charges and evidence. Understanding how to address each concern can help someone fight a long but winnable battle against criminal charges.

Source: WVIR-TV, “Former UVA Basketball Star’s Trial Postponed Again,” Oct. 15, 2015


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