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January 2016 Archives

Military members need to carefully consider aspects of divorce

A member of the military can face very challenging circumstances that can affect his or her family life. There are some marriages that just aren't strong enough to handle those challenges. When the marriage fails, the military member might end up going through a divorce. We understand the complexities of a military divorce.

You can fight charges for drug possession

If you're accused of possessing drugs, it's important that you immediately take steps to defend yourself. Your reputation is on the line, and a conviction can stay with you for many years and possibly indefinitely. Federal and state laws vary on drug possession charges and penalties, but it's agreed that it's illegal to possess controlled substances without prescriptions; in the case of drugs that are banned, it's illegal to have them for any reason.

"No Contest" Clauses In Wills And Trusts - A Potential Trap For The Unwary

Many wills and trusts contain one or more "no contest" provisions. Although the exact wording of "no contest" provisions may be slightly different depending on the specific will or trust at issue, substantially all such provisions have one goal in mind: preventing actual or potential beneficiaries from challenging the terms or administration of a will or trust and threatening those who decide to do so with the loss of their entitlement to property or assets passing under the will or trust.

Understanding possible sex crime charges

One of the first things to do when you are charged with a crime is to make sure you understand exactly what you are being charged with. The nuances between criminal charges might seem small, but they can make a big difference in how your case is tried and what the minimum and maximum sentences are. Working with a criminal defense attorney helps you understand what those nuances are and helps you protect your rights no matter what charges you are facing.

Can a breathalyzer test be wrong?

A breathalyzer test is often used to prove that someone has been driving under the influence of alcohol. It can be combined with other tests, but sometimes police don't do everything they can to make an accurate assessment. Unfortunately, this piece of machinery is not always correct, and that can lead to a charge for something you aren't guilty of. You can use some of this information in your defense, though, especially if these common items were present during your test.

You can seek custody for a minor in your family

There are times when a child will have relationships with adults outside their parents. For instance, a child's grandparents, aunts, uncles, and stepparents may all be important in his or her life. Any time something happens to a parent, these other parties may need to step in to help or to take care of the child. That's when visitation and nonparent custody rights may come into question.

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