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Do ride-sharing services help prevent drunk driving?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2016 | Drunk Driving

If there was a way to make the roads safer to make sure you’re not driving drunk, that option could save lives. In Virginia, residents may be finding that there are fewer drunk drivers on the road, and that’s great news. If you’ve ever been accused of drunk driving, you know that having an option to get home is one great way of keeping people off the roads. Having to drive while drunk is dangerous, and the accusations you have to defend against with your attorney can be devastating to your reputation. Using a ride-sharing service can give you the opportunity to get home safely when taxi services or friends aren’t available to help you.

Does ride sharing have an effect on drunk driving in the country? That’s the question the Department of Motor Vehicles has been asking since decreasing numbers of accidents have been taking place. The Department of Motor Vehicles has researched the facts to determine what caused the sudden drop in crashes, and it has concluded that there may be a correlation between companies like Uber and Lyft opening in the area and a falling number of drunk driving crashes.

In Virginia, it was reported that 7,334 alcohol-related crashes took place on the roadways in 2015, which is a 4 percent decrease since the previous year. There were, in these crashes, 195 casualties, which was another decrease of 22 percent.

While it’s too early to say if the companies have helped lower the number of drunk drivers on the road, the ability to quickly have another driver pick you up and take you home is a huge benefit to the area.

Source: WAVY, “DMV researches effects of ride-sharing on drunk driving,” Anita Blanton, accessed Feb. 19, 2016


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