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April 2016 Archives

You can fight back against charges for sex crimes

There are many kinds of sex crimes you could be accused of, but regardless of the crime you may or may not have committed, you deserve to have fair representation. There are many instances where good people are accused of criminal acts when the facts have become skewed. You deserve a chance to set the record straight.

Can you defend yourself against domestic violence charges?

If you're accused of a charge of domestic violence, you probably have already considered many of the potential outcomes. You could be imprisoned or fined heavily; you could be forced out of your home or have your children kept away from you if you're convicted. It's important that you have good representation to help you through this time, because you don't want to be found guilty of something that wasn't your fault or that was started by another person.

Teen sentenced to 2 years in prison for 4 drunk driving deaths

Most of the time, when a person kills another person in a car accident, many questions are asked to determine what kind of penalty is appropriate. In crashes where fault can't be proven or no negligence was shown, a person may not face penalties. However, when a person is negligent or shows no regard for the health or safety of others, that changes, and the courts can attempt to go after the person with fines or other penalties. These penalties are not always fair, depending on the case. For instance, if someone doesn't have the capacity to understand that an act was wrong, then how can the court hold that person responsible?

Making virtual visitation a part of your schedule

It used to be the norm for noncustodial parents to only get a few hours one night a week and every other weekend with their children. That's been changing in recent years as the push toward shared parenting and a more equitable visitation schedule has taken place. However, some parents may not be able to take full advantage of more generous visitation schedules because they live too far from the custodial parent or are often gone on business trips. Virtual visitation may be an option worth considering in these cases.

Police cruiser struck by alleged drunk driver in Virginia

If you're stopped for drunk driving, you could face some serious penalties. Even if you don't get into an accident, you could be looking at losing your license or paying heavy fines. It's important that you speak with your attorney about your options immediately; you may be able to negotiate your potential charges or have them reduced.

Virginia man arrested for traveling to Ohio to meet 14-year-old

A sex crime is a serious charge; even if you think you're participating in a legal act, you could be arrested. For instance, if a minor tells you that she's over 18 and you start a relationship, you could be accused of statutory rape. If that happens, a strong defense is needed to help you avoid jail or other penalties.

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