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Make summer vacation plans a bit easier

On Behalf of | May 6, 2016 | Family Law

Taking a summer vacation as a family is something that many people look forward to. For children who have divorced parents, that vacation is something that will mean spending time with one parent at a time. For the parents, this vacation means having to do some advanced planning to ensure that it is possible.

Parents who have child custody agreements have to ensure that they are planning a vacation to a location that is allowed by the child custody agreement. In some cases, child custody agreements might forbid international or out-of-state travel. In those cases, you would have to go to court to seek approval for the vacation. You must ensure that you have this approval prior to leaving because you will be in violation of a court order if you don’t have prior approval.

You also have to check with the child’s other parent to find out if the planned dates of the vacation are suitable. Of course, if there are specific dates or details about summer vacations in this child custody agreement, you might be able to skip this step. By opting to speak to the other parent, you can avoid any potential conflicts that might occur with the vacation plans.

If you and the child’s other parent can’t come up with suitable plans, you might have to seek assistance. Trying mediation can help you come up with the terms of the summer vacation agreement so you can enjoy your family time without having to worry about possible penalties when you get back home from the trip.

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