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You can fight false accusations of rape and wrongful convictions

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2016 | Sex Crimes

If you’re wrongfully convicted of a sex offense, you could spend years of your life in prison. What happens if you are found to be innocent after the original ruling damages your reputation and livelihood? You’re able to seek compensation.

In a case of a man who was convicted for rape, getting released from prison due to evidence that proved he wasn’t to blame. Now, the state has had to pay him for the mistake, which cost him many years of his life in prison.

Being falsely accused can be damaging to you now and in the future, so evidence that shows that a crime couldn’t have been committed by you can release you from any sex offender registry or penalties you’ve faced. The problem is that if you’ve already served time in prison, that’s time you can’t get back. If a wrongful conviction is overturned, you may, in turn, be able to file a claim against the state to seek reparations for the time you’ve had to waste service a sentence for a crime you never committed.

A sex offender registration can mean you can’t find work, a home or even go to a nursing home for care. These are just some potential downsides to having the crime on your record, even if you decide to take a plea and serve a lesser sentence to avoid the potential for a harsh conviction.

If you’ve been falsely accused, a strong defense can help you gain the support you need to protect your innocence. Our website has more information on the steps you can take.


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