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Virginia man accused in 15-year-old sex crime

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2017 | Sex Crimes

When you work at a church and are near children or even young adults, you must be particularly careful about how to talk to and address them. It’s easy for younger people to make false allegations and be believed. It’s important to work with another person who can witness how you interact and to be considerate of your choices. If you are charged with a crime, then you’ll potentially have a witness and be able to support your defense.

This case is a little more difficult, because it is based on an event that allegedly happened many years ago. A former Virginia Beach church employee has been accused of a sex crime. His bond was denied in court, with a statement from a judge that the allegations against him were too strong to allow him back into the community. He, therefore, will have to remain in jail until his next court appearance.

The man and his attorney argue that the allegations are false and that they will fight them. He is being charged for an alleged event that supposedly took place in 2001 in which he penetrated the victim with an object. The alleged victim was 18 at the time and is a friend of the family. The charges are 15 years old, making it important for the man to collect as much in his defense as possible against any further claims.

The alleged victim claims the man touched her forcefully during the incident, though the court did not release further details. He faces a felony charge for the allegations.

The man currently suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and will have his next court on Feb. 2. His attorney stated that he would like to see the man be able to post bond to continue his physical therapy.

Source: ABC 13 News Now, “Former Va. Beach church employee facing sex crime charge,” Jan. 19, 2017


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