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Domestic violence and same-sex couples

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2017 | Criminal Defense

When it comes to domestic violence, one issue that doesn’t often come up is the risk of violence among same-sex couples. When you think of domestic violence cases, it’s often believed that the man is the abusive partner who is violent toward a female partner. The fact is that anyone can be the victim or the offender in a domestic violence case.

Take, for instance, a same-sex couple with two men. One man may be physically abusive to the other. The victim should not have his concerns ignored simply because he’s male. On the other hand, the partner who is being accused should not be assumed to be guilty simply because he is male, larger than the other or in a more masculine role in the family.

In the case of females, society often has a hard time looking at women as the offender in domestic violence cases, but in a same-sex relationship with domestic violence, one is. It’s important that the victim is taken seriously, just as it’s important that the person who is accused has a fair chance to fight those allegations in court.

Since there is a overriding presumption that males are batterers, this makes it harder for male victims to seek help while also making males accused of violence more likely to face charges, even if the allegations are false.

Remember, too, that not all violence is physical. Whether it’s emotional, physical, financial or another form, it is possible in same-sex relationships. As an individual accused of abusing your spouse or partner, it’s important to defend yourself. Whether you’re male or female, this is a serious charge that could alter your future and affect your reputation.

Source: The Atlantic, “A Same-Sex Domestic Violence Epidemic Is Silent,” Maya Shwayder, accessed March 07, 2017


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